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Where to find "best" on-line Recurrent Training


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I'm just looking for a good online one stop source for ADX recurrent training related to Parts 135 and 121. Hold the Tix but have not used it in some time.
I have the current FC and AIM.. Been flying drones for a long time, getting reassigned and moved back to the daylight and passengers, oh boy..

thanks in advance..



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I don't believe there is any. You can obtain a dispatchers license from many vendors, but only the company you work for can give you initial and recurrent training. If you just want to get proficient, I would suggest reading the AIM and the 121 or 135 regulations.

Getting a job will get you current. Hope that helps.


Am I wrong?
You might consult the school from which you earned your certificate to see if they offer any kind of recurrent. I know some schools have offered "lifetime recurrent training" in the past. Of course, whether or not those schools are still in business is a whole other story...