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Singapore A380 Questions


Feb 24, 2002
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Who gets to fly these bad boys???? Are Americans still being hired to fly the 747-400s and 777s? Do the A380 pilots come from the A340/400/777? I am presuming from the Airbus fleet. What about A380 recruitment for Singapore? I know EK has talked about it.

Check this out:


Singapore Airlines hasn't been hiring expat pilots for some time now. So the A380s will be flown by current 747, 777 or A340 pilots.

Singapore Cargo does hire expats, but even their advertising has been slow in the last year.

EK will hire First Officers straight onto the A380 by the end of next year or early 2009 ( my prediction ). The first batch of Captains will all be from the A340 fleet. Eventually senior 777 pilots will be allowed to bid the aircraft as well.