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Senior Discount at Flexjet?


The Last Starfighter
Aug 30, 2004
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WOW - the #Echochamber is back! #Round2. Ding Ding. I guess I would be upset too if SWA didn't hire me after what sounds like 2 attempts (sourced on APC).

EnFuego - when will you stop? You know nothing!

People know who we all are; I've received several "way to go" taps on my back for calling the BS. I am new here; I'm not hiding.

If you were there then where were you during the dinner? Remind us what group you were in? Easy one, how many people showed up? How about you just tell us what you ate that night. You sit on a thrown of lies my friend.

Your statement that you "talked to one of the large cabin guys" is complete BS. I met both large cabin guys that were there and both are in the G650. Are you telling us that one of the G650 pilots is quitting? #BUSTED.

Something? Anything? You offered nothing in your post because you were not there.

If that's not enough; let’s talk about that "fluff" as you put it.

For those of you that were there; this is what actually happened. There was no fluff. It was actually very productive.

1. We talked about QOL issues
2. Several pilots in my group brought up operational thoughts
3. Rumors that were out there

So there you go EnFuego - we know you are a Liar and that is why you received #LifeLesson#3.
Oh noes. I didn’t get hired at a SWA. It’s never happened to anyone before. In history. Ever.


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Jul 7, 2005
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If someone with multiple checkride failures ever has an accident / incident that is a huge liability for Flex. Look at the Colgan accident as proof. Or are they mitigating this by keeping people in the right seat for the duration?