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Looking for options to get a plane to fly

Alex K

New member
May 21, 2020
Total Time
I have a private pilot license and I live in Austin, TX. I flew just over 130 hours and I tried different airplanes. Most of the hours I put on Katana DA20, then I really like Dimond Star DA40 however didn’t have a chance to fly many hours but I did my longest cross-country in it. Then, I flew many hours in Cessna 172 and now flying Piper PA-28-161. I have a few hours in some other planes. I really like flying. Unfortunately, there is a big problem with renting airplanes. Flying around is fun, of course, but I would like to use an airplane to fly places. I would like to take it for 3 - 4 days, fly somewhere, spend time there and come back. That means that in many cases it will be around 3 hours to a place, then 3 hours back but the pilot schools where I rent planes charge minimum 2 or 3 hours a day, which is understandable but doesn’t look good for me. So, I’m looking for a way, for ideas, how to fly for less. Maybe there are people out there who don’t fly much anymore and they will be willing to rent a plane to me charging only flying time or lower rate than those pilot schools or we would come up with some sort of an agreement. Maybe there are other options I didn’t even think about. I definitely don’t have money to buy a plane. Maybe there are options to lease it on let’s say monthly or weekly basis but that very depends on conditions. Shortly, I’m looking for ideas and even better for propositions. The best airports for me are GTU, EDC, RYW is worse but can work, 3R9 and T74 are sort if inconvenient but again depending on the conditions it might work.