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Dispatchers and Diabetes?


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Hey guys, I'm a 15K hour Military, Major Airline, and Corporate Pilot with multiple type ratings. After many years of flying on waivers for Type 2 Diabetes I finally had to go on meds I can't fly with. Very unlikely I'll be able to return to flying. Luckily I have good Loss of Medical plans so will do OK money wise but I'd like to find something where I can use my experience. I've got an app in for Sim Instructor but have no CFI time so that's a long shot. I've been researching Dispatch jobs and can't find any requirement for a FAA Medical. If I should go on a once daily insulin shot would that be a problem for working as a Dispatcher?



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Sorry for the late reply as no one really follows this forum anymore. You can be diabetic and be a dispatcher as well.


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No, no requirement to reveal anything like that. I've known dispatchers with multiple illnesses (cancer, kidney issues, paralysis) which prevent them from operating aircraft but work in ops control.


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I'm aware that the dispatcher position doesn't require an FAA medical certificate but am not sure what type of questions a person can be asked in an interview.

Having absolutely no trust in the people doing interviews, I assume if they got wind of an applicant's long term medical issues, they'd find some "other" reason to not hire him.

And you can just prove it was because they found out you'd be an issue in terms of medical sick days or a disproportionate draw on the health insurance.

Good luck with that.