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COPA Airlines

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I understand that a pilot shortage has hit COPA Airlines in Panama and they have lowered the minimums to apply to 250 hours and a ME ticket.
Are the minimums only if you sign for training with COPA? I have serached for pay scale info but cannot find any. Does anyone have any info on COPA Airlines?


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I don't have any info, but I just applied online yesterday - only I could not find an opening for co-pilot, only Captain (5,000TT, 1000PIC minimums).
Where did you hear there is a pilot shortage?


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Evidently, the globe is experiencing a shortage of pilots under the age of 45 with 10,000TT and at least 1000 PIC in all of the following types: 747, 757, 767, 777, A340, A330, A320-18, A310. Gosh can you imagine?

All companies can find are these half-a$$ 3000-5000TT guys with PIC time in only one or two of the above mentioned types.

Sorry to hijack the thread for a second. I just get tired of seeing the words "pilot shortage" in a thread. No offense meant. Good luck on your info search. This is a good place to get info. Just gotta sift through garbage posts like mine.



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minimums to apply to 250 hours and a ME ticket.
That pretty much applies to all the carriers in Central and South America if you know a pilot in the company. I understand in Mexico you have to be a citizen but not sure about Panama.

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En Naciones Americanas Latinas, debe poder hablar, leer y entender Español y Inglés. En cuanto a trabajos en México, debe ser un ciudadano de México, y bajo se 45 años.