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ATR42 / ATR72 Training


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Oct 26, 2005
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For those of you on the kno, can you confirm:

1) Can one train ATR42-500 pilots on the ATR72-500 sim?
2) Is ATR72-500 & ATR42-50 a common type rating ? (FAA)

3) True or false. You can train ATR42-500 pilots on the ATR72-500 but not the reverse. The training requires a differences course for the 42 pilot?s.

4) True or false. Avionics between the two aircraft are identical.

5) True or false. Aircraft controls ? the only difference is the flaps settings. The 42, has the following: 0, 5, 25; while the 72 has the following: 0, 15, 30 settings.

6) True or false.Both aircraft have the same propellers, but the engines are different: 42-500 has PW127E/M and 72-500 has PW127F/M.