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How are you? I launched a business for Transportation in the Tri-State area. I wanted to see if we can work together and collab in some kind of way. Thanks!
Hey Bob. I know this is a shot in the dark here, but I searched Jetblue Breitling and a post you made a long time ago came up. Did you ever sell it?
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Jeffrey & Caterina
Congrats on getting out. The s**t show at Flex is just getting underway imoho. Trying to help as many get out as possible, but it’s slow going. Fly safe.
do still have the hmec 26-2-t ?
which country are you staying?
and how much is your final price?
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Whats warlords name ? It's been said over the years that warlord is managements account and is used by several. But you seem to know him.
How clever. A respectable man would have built a business that recognizes the pilots contributions to the success of the business. You will continue to strip the profits off flexjet just like you did travel air. The only thing innovative about your M.O. is your predictability wife cheater. Enjoy your wealth in this life mother ********************er, death is the great equalizer