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XJT meeting with Co


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Dunno, didn't think about that. You would think both MECs if it has to deal with a contract. Maybe Surface order lol. Hopefully I'll be oughta here soon anyway. You trying to leave Irishman?


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Of course! In 8 years if I make it, or sooner if that guy in Nigeria would only send me that big inheritance he keeps emailing me about.


Right career, Wrong time
Heard a Flow-thru has been presented....,2nd. Hand rumor at this point
Wow, people still here ?
Xjt just keeping the peace and the rumor mill going so the rats don't bail.
It's over, move on or sink with the sh!t, err I mean ship.
It's just business people, nothing personal but skypest WILL do it cheaper and better because their mainline and we're just too expensive for a ffd airline.
Tfayd and our partners are noticing !!!