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Verizon Wireless Flt Dept


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Does anyone have any information on Verizon Wireless flight department? How many pilots, planes, types, salary, future plans? Any info would sure help


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Too much spare time, my friend. ;)

Good luck on the job hunt, though; hopefully somebody here will have something actually helpful.


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May be a tough nut to crack these days. Verizon just bought Altell. Both have flight departments, so who knows how they are going to work it out.


Citation style...
Judging by the name "razorbacks" and the fact he flies the Excel and CJ (both of which are operated by Alltel), he may just be trying to do some due diligence about his company's new owner...


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Verizon moved to MMU last year, taking 2 or 3 Gulfstreams with them from HPN. Not sure about the TEB base, but chances are tghey closed that down and moved those birds to MMU as well.


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i know they have 3- G4's, 1- 450, 2 Challengers, and a Hawker. That is all I have heard. I am really interested in finding out how large their pilot force is and their future plans. If anyone knows those answers please respond. thanks


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They condolidated everything in MMU at the old ATT hanger. The move was completed last Nov. Everyone who accepted the move to MMU was given a moving package. By accepting the package they guranteed that they would not leave for the next two years or they would have to repay the cost of the package.

So my guess is that they have little if any turnover. Because, anyone who did not move retired or was replaced last winter.