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universal cell phone


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Nov 30, 2002
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Blackberry 8830 World Edition

My company is basing me for 6-12 month in Moscow, Russia and fly all over Russia, SW Asia, Europe. I am considering in obtaining the BB 8830 from Verizon. They will unlock it for me once I have it in my hands. They charge with the one card very deep roaming fees of $1.49-2.49 per min. Now I have found this company called oneroam. The website for them is this: http://www.oneroam.com/sim-cards.aspx?m=1&mi=1&ms=0 All you need is swap out the sim card. For example the fees to call within Russia or back to the States .45 cents a min. And around the .60 cents a min in Europe. Free incoming calls and 2 options for friends and family in States call you. Either call you directly free to you or have them use a 1-800 Pass through # free to them you are charged then .35 cents a min.

I am curious how does Iskoot or this work.
I am new to my company finished training and checkride on the Hawker 850 XP.

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