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Schedule Question


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Can anyone provide information on the current trips, schedules, days off and so on at Commutair and PSA ? Real answers and not hog wash comments please.


Uncle Bunkle

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Commutair: Sweat your bazungas off while bouncing around at 12,000'.
PSA: Flying routes that used to be flown by real pilots.


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PSA - assuming everything stays the same, you won't be on reserve for more than a few months. While on reserve (short call), you'll be 'randomly' selected to sit hot reserve quite a bit. Once you get long-call reserve, they will use you a lot, but it's not bad if you commute (12-hr initial callout). Once you can hold a line (not just a buildup, but a first round line), you can adjust your line on the 16th of the month. While this is obviously a good thing, the company is in perpetual training mode so they are displacing pilots pretty regularly for IOE trips. According to the ALPA contract, when you're displaced the company can (and will) change your trip around. It's common knowledge around campus that this is regularly abused by crew scheduling. Very little (if anything) has been done by the union to remedy this. So - even if you are fairly senior and can tweak your schedule, you will not fly what you bid roughly half the time. If you commute, this can be a HUGE problem - resulting in getting a hotel room (your expense) on one or both ends of a trip. Most of the trips are four-days. Hope this helps