rock and a hard place


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Aug 8, 2006
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so the major airline pilots are to blame for screwing the futures of so many Rj pilots....i can see that.
Out fo fear, they caved and ruined the lives of all Rj pilots out there...i wonder if they even consulted with any of you?? did they mention they would reduce the pay rates and increase the amount of work thats to come?
so why are they so angry with the regional pilots?
how did the regional pilots take their jobs away?
i see it as putting an Rj on a route kinda keeps the mailine route instead of just loosing it. the mailine carriers can take back the routes when ever they want cant they?
so why the hate for the Rj pilot?
maybe the Rj pilot should hate the major pilots...seems like no security at all for the Rj pilot.
those sons a B*TCH!!!
they ruin it and blame the Rj pilot? WTF?
So now Mr. Rj pilot what have you got to look to?
its a black wall your facing and some looser says man up? who ever you are i hope you die fag.

Rez O. Lewshun

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Jan 19, 2004
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The regional pilots have the resources and empowerment to make it a better place...

One of the problems is they don't seem too keen on helping themselves working to improve their circumstance and environment with pragmatism and smarts...

Too many Regional pilots have a "renters" mentality, as if they are renting a car or house.... there is no sense of ownership.....

Well if you don't take a ownership in your career.... who will? The major guys? Management? The pax?

The only ones that care about your profession are you and your fellow pilots...


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Mar 29, 2004
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Glad to be out of the airlines after seven years in. Made decent money, out of debt and have a good job. I know a lot are not as fortunate. Skills are nothing if they can't be put to good use. Not talking ninja skills, either. Good luck to those that are in for the long haul.