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kingfisher airlines in India


hello .

i am currently flying CRJ's. i am not an indian citizen. i used to be one. i could get an OCI if it hepls to get a job.

i found this on kingfisher website. Does this mean that they will hire an expat with an airbus type rating but zero hrs on airbus if you have 500 hrs PIC on CRJ?

Has anyone gone thru this transition captain?

Captain/ Transition Captain – A320.
AIR BUS - A320

Current PIC endorsement on Airbus – 320 or PIC on any commercial jet (Boeing 737, 727, CRJ e.t.c) with a minimum of 500 hrs or PIC on commercial turboprop ( Hs748, F-27, ATR, Dornier, e.t.c) with a minimum of 1000 hrs. Current medical, ALTP, FRTO, COP/RTR and IR. Pilots with Instructor/Examiner rating on Airbus-320 will be given preference.

i do not have a type rating and zero hours on airbus.
Does kingfisher hire an OCI( overseas citizen of india). As far as i know OCI is allowed to work in india.

If they do hire OCI, will kingfisher consider me an local and hire me into the right seat for captain transition program?

As an OCI, will i have to transfer my foreign FAA lic to an indian one?

I have 3000 hrs SIC on CRJ
Soon, FAA ATP and a CRJ Type rating.

how long before you do think they will start hiring without any hours on type?

For local indians with CPL-once hired, who is paying for their type rating?

What is the current upgrade time.

Have a great day.


A simpler time...
cl65--Check pprune.org. They have the scoop on aviation around the world.

I believe Kingfisher is hiring expats--even non-OCI's.

Also check Jet Airways. They are expanding and looking for people.

I have read that the Aviation exams in India are hellish--even more so than the JAA's... Good luck. TC


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I am teaching their head HR guy right now. He is over here getting his ratings. So this info is very good.
They will hire non citizens, if you have an FAA ATP with at least 2000 hours and an A320 type rating they will hire you to the right seat, $5,000 US a month plus $1,400 US a month for housing. It you have 3500 hours and 500 on type they will hire you as a captain, $9,000 a month and $1,800 housing. Keep in mind that if you work outside the USA for 12 months all this is TAX free, and $1,800 for housing you can live in a 5 star hotel. If you have an ICAO (FAA) ATP you will not have to take any exams. I believe that they are going to be at one of the job fairs in Miami later this fall.


so if you went and bought a 320 type rating, kind of like buying a 737 type for southwest, you can get on with kingfisher?