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Job Openings


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Starting pay in 2012 at US was a base of about $36K (plus change....don't have the exact numbers in front of me), but after finishing training and passing the comp check, it bumps up to $39ish. Adding in holidays and some OT, you can make $40-$45K first year. Second year base is $52K, Year 3 is $56K. Not sure what happens with the merger; supposedly AA dispatchers contract is in the same ballpark with the changes coming out of BK. But their fuel incentive program pays quarterly and, depending on hitting certain goals, can pay up to an additional $17K on top of the regular salary from what I hear. There are efforts underway to get the same program in place for US dispatchers as part of a transitional agreement.


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I believe Delta started interviewing last Friday. Rumor has it they will be hiring 25-30 dispatchers split between two classes and taught back to back similar to last year.