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Job Openings


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This is a repost because I couldn't figure out how to "undelete" the previous thread.

For those of you who are unemployed or underemployed (like me) here's a good one~

California Pacific Airlines is hiring: http://www.flycpair.com/

A regional start up out of the newly renovated Carlsbad Airport flying E170's. I read an article on "Cranky Flier" that gave it a thumbs up. They have the money, the aircraft and the market.
If you've never been to Carlsbad, CA it's a must see. One of my very favorite towns in So Cal. BEAUTIFUL with a lot of history.

Side note: My buddies at Virgin America tell me they will have more openings soon.

Happy Dispatching!



Am I wrong?
Side note: My buddies at Virgin America tell me they will have more openings soon.
It appears that VX has three postings for "Dispatcher", right now. I'm not sure if that means they are hiring for three positions of if they just forgot to delete the old ones.

I do know of a couple of people that have made the move to Burlingame and they seem generally happy with job & company.

Published Job Title: Dispatcher
Airport Location: Virgin America HQ
Country: United States
State: California
City: Burlingame

Meet Virgin America

Virgin America is a brand new airline dedicated to making flying good again. VA incorporates the Virgin Brand’s world-renowned customer focus and distinctive style, to create a high-value, low-fare airline that offers more: more fun, more options, more comfort, more entertainment and more value.

Are you Virgin enough? Virgin America loves team members with the thirst and creativity to make this the most wowed airline in the sky. In return, we promise to make this a company where inspired people like you will always thrive.

Departmental Statement:

The Operations Control Center (OCC) is responsible for planning and oversight of all aspects of Virgin America’s operation. The OCC team will be focused on long-range planning and daily execution of a highly efficient operation that delivers industry leading performance.

Main Purpose of the Role:

The Dispatcher’s primary role is to provide the highest level of safety and service to Virgin America’s flight crews and guests. Dispatchers will be responsible for planning daily flight operations in accordance with regulatory guidelines, Company standards, guest comfort and on-time performance. Dispatchers must ensure all flights are planed with due consideration given to meteorological conditions, aircraft discrepancies and performance limitations.

Dispatchers will proactively flight-follow aircraft, providing flight crews with timely updates to changes in dispatch parameters and take action to deal with unplanned events/situations.

Dispatchers will assure all stakeholders are informed of significant changes in flight status, aircraft substitutions, delays, unscheduled landings, diversions or cancellations.

Professional and Personal Requirements /Skills & Experience:
  • Current FAA Aircraft Dispatch Certificate required.
  • Thorough knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements including two years of dispatch experience with a Part 121 or Part 135 carrier.
  • Thorough knowledge of weather theory, charts, and reports in METAR format.
  • Satisfactory completion of the training, testing and checking requirements as defined in Virgin America’s Flight Operations Training Manual (FOTM).
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Willingness to work rotating shifts, rotating days-off, weekends and holidays.
  • Must pass a ten (10) year background check and pre-employment drug test.
  • Possess the entrepreneurial spirit of Virgin America.

----> Click here to apply! <----

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It appears that VX has three postings for "Dispatcher", right now. I'm not sure if that means they are hiring for three positions of if they just forgot to delete the old ones.
They've had this posting up for at least the past 2 months now without closing it. Odd.


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Thanks Walter!
I've made this thread a "sticky" and useable for anyone who wants to post job openings for DX or CX positions. It will make for a quick "go to" for anyone seeking employment in the industry.



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ASA-XJT recently had a posting, I know of one friend of mine who had an interview...
Indeed, sir.

Requisition Number: XJT11-0274
Post Date: 6/1/2011
Title: Dispatcher-ExpressJet
Part Time: No
City: ATG - Atlanta
State: GA

Job Description:

The Dispatcher is responsible for understanding the necessary FARs for safe and efficient operations of all ExpressJet flights on a daily basis. This position will monitor the progress of each assigned flight and cancel flights or reroute aircraft as required.

  • High School graduate or equivalent (GED).
  • FAA Aircraft Dispatch Certificate issued by the Department of Transportation.
  • Must be at least 23 years of age per FAA.
  • This position will be subject to pre-employment and random DOT drug testing.
  • Preferable attributes include strong communication and problem solving skills, and able to multi task in a stressful environment.
  • Must be able to work a schedule accommodating a 24/7 operation.
----> Click HERE to Apply <----



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I heard third hand, unconfirmed information that Delta might be hiring or will soon. Any definate info on this?


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Just learned about this oppurtunity tonight:

FedEX Express
Manager Flight Operations

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Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor's degree/equivalent. Aviation management/equivalent degree preferred. Six (6) years exempt aviation related experience. Three (3) yrs exempt experience in far 121/military flight operations preferred. Three (3) years as a professional pilot or air crewman, aircraft dispatcher or air traffic controller preferred. Three (3) years management experience preferred. Commercial/instrument pilot or aircraft dispatcher license preferred. Formal civil/military flight safety training preferred. Knowledge of far 91 and 121, ntsb part 800; hmr 175 and cfr title 49; national and operating specifications preferred. Strong basic management, human relations and communication skills.

Maintains complete familiarity of all aspects of flight operations and maintains current knowledge of and interpretation of company and federal aviation regulations.

Researches, develops, and makes recommendations to procedures for improving system performance and enhancing safety.

Assists in preparing changes, revisions and updated materials for the flight department manuals.

Performs projects as assigned by the regional chief pilot; aids in the formulation of policy and procedures for the flight department.

Participates in the employee evaluation and selection process for the flight department, administers company and departmental policies and procedures as specified by terms of employment and/or contractual agreements.

Acts as flight representative during aircraft accident and incident investigations.

Responds to crewmember complaints relating to technical or morale problems and handles complaints from interfacing elements as they apply to assigned crewmembers; assists in the investigation of disciplinary action for violations of company and/or FAA regulations up to and including termination.

Challenges suspected unsafe techniques and procedures and provides follow-up evaluation on new or improved procedures.

Performs visits to domestic/international air traffic control facilities to monitor methods employees in controlling company aircraft along air routes and in terminal areas; and in taxiing, takeoff and landing operations.

Directs, monitors, and administers the domicile crew support facilities.

Performs duties as regional flight operations duty officer, as necessary.

Conducts periodic evaluations of regional activities to determine operational effectiveness and to provide assistance in solving operations maintenance, supply and personnel problems within the region's area of responsibility.

Job ID: 816369_OR

JobTitle: Manager Flight Operations

Company Overview

Want to be a part of world’s largest express-transportation company? With the right ‘can-do’ attitude and skills, you can. Working for a leader and innovator means you’ll be part of a team delivering fast, time-definite, reliable service to satisfy a worldwide demand. Now that’s exciting.

FedEx Express is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (M/F/D/V), committed to diversifying its workforce.

FedEx Express participates in the E-Verify Program.

Applicants who require reasonable accommodations to complete a profile or to submit responses to qualifying questions may contact Cynthia Anthony at 1-866-730-1021.

Location: TN-MEMPHIS
Job Family: FedEx Express

Travel: Up to 25%
Full/Part Time: Full Time
Job Category: Flight & Air Operations

Preferred Language: English
Years Experience: 5 years
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Whats up with Arinc seems like ever other month they are hiring Coordinators.
Is that with there corporate flight planning department or radio operations?

The radio ops are based in SFO and Long Island, NY, respectfully and the pay is not that great for living in those locales, according to the last starting pay rate I saw some months back.


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UPS is Hiring Assistant Dispatchers

Assistant Dispatcher


  • Requisition #: 222023777
  • Job Category: Air Operations
  • Operation: Flight Control
  • Job Group: ACMX/FLT - Technical
  • Job Grade: Union
  • Job Code: T383
  • Relocation Assist Available: No
  • Location: LOUISVILLE, KY

The Assistant Dispatcher will support the Aircraft Dispatcher, disseminate information for the operation and update and maintain systems and manuals. This is an entry level position which has potential of filling future UPS Aircraft Dispatcher positions in a growing global market.

All applicants must possess the following basic qualifications:

  • FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate
  • Basic air carrier operations control knowledge from FAR Part 135, 119 or 121 Domestic, Flag or Supplemental operation or similar military experience
  • Five (5) years total dispatching experience

Ideal candidate will possess the following:

  • Associates degree in an aviation related field
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work in a large dispatch office and multi-task handling stressful situations
  • Technical aptitude and computer skills
  • Jet Experience with the B747, B767, B757, A300, MD11 and DC-8
  • Minimum of two (2) years of International Dispatching experience in the NOPAC, NATL, Europe, Middle East, South American and Russian Track Experience
Position is located in Louisville, KY without company-paid relocation funds.

  • Possess a valid FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate
  • Basic air carrier operations control knowledge from a Part 135, 119 or 121 Domestic, Flag or Supplemental operation or similar military experience
  • Minimum of five (5) years total dispatching experience



Am I wrong?
American Airlines Hiring Dispatchers

*Dispatchers - FTW - 1103291

Job Description

American Airlines is seeking candidates for full-time Dispatchers to work at Fort Worth Texas.

*Salary is governed by a contract with the Transport Workers Union. The current first year base salary is $2,712 monthly. Incremental salary increases are provided annually until the maximum base salary of $6,556 is achieved after 10 years. While in training, salary is 79 percent of the contractual rate.

A dispatcher is regularly assigned as a representative of the Company to exercise operational control within a prescribed area or on an assigned route. Responsible for the safety and efficiency of operations in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and Company Flight Manuals. Pre-planning daily flight operations with primary emphasis on safety, efficiency and economy consistent with passenger comfort and on-time performance. Assures that appropriate station personnel are informed of significant changes in the flight status such as specific aircraft to be used on flights, aircraft changes, aircraft substitutions, delays, unscheduled landings, diversions or cancellations. Arranges for off-schedule food service. Initiates operational flight information and time limit decision messages. Assures availability of crew and aircraft for each schedule departure. Originates and transmits information as to probable arrival of flights operating off schedule. Keeps informed of progress of all inbound flights entering control area, location of aircraft and crews out of position during irregular operation. Coordinates for optimum utilization of aircraft, and crews during irregular operation(s). Provides information related to flight operations to crew and station operations personnel. Utilizes any electronic input/output devices installed in Dispatch offices for the purpose of data input directly required by the Dispatch function, e.g., flight planning, flight release, flight watch. Issues instructions in Dispatch area which require implementation by ground personnel in the performance of those phases of their duties pertinent to flight operations. Performs irregularity reports when required. Re-dispatches flights in progress when necessary for reasons of safety or economy. Exercises and maintains joint responsibility with the pilot in command for operational control in all matters affecting the safety of flights. Informs stations of any changes in the status of all flights such as anticipated delays, cancellations, diversions, etc. Originates and transmits information as to probable arrival and departure of flights operating off schedule due to off-schedule landings and diversions. Performs such other duties as may be assigned by the Company.


  • High School diploma or GED
  • Minimum of 23 years of age
  • Must possess a current Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation
  • Four year college degree preferably with an Aviation, Science or Business major, or Five years aviation experience which includes at least four years of operational experience, or Three years aviation experience, which includes at least two years of operational experience and a two year associates college degree preferably with an Aviation, Science or Business major
  • Ability to work rotating shifts including weekends, holidays, and overtime as required
  • Must fulfill FAA criminal background checks to qualify for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas (SIDA), if applicable
  • Must be able to secure appropriate airport authority and/or US Customs security badges, if applicable
* Any subsequent relocation expenses are the responsibility of the candidate.