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Investors welcomed


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Nov 26, 2001
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We are starting a new Sea-plane & Helicopter charter and training in the caribbean.
We are looking for prospective investors.
We are planning to operate Cessna206 marine and Robinson R-22 & R-44.

The founder is an Fixed and Rotatory wing CFI with over 11 years of experience in Flight training and aircraft maintainence.

Investments in denominations as small as $100 $500 and $1000 etc are welcomed.

The risk factor in this business is down minimum because it is not related to the civil aviation industry. The income is also expected to be on the higher side.

ROI rates vary from 7% to over 25%** .You will be paid back nearly double the amount in less than 6 years*

Please contact us at procharter@rediffmail.com for more details.
(As u wanted in your replies)
thank you

** Depends upon the economical conditions (Hope there wont be any attacks )