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How much did you pay to carry jepps?


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Nov 10, 2005
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Why should the company have access to MY Ipad that I paid for?

Do they have permission to peer into my flight kit? No.

Will they have the abillty to look around my Ipad electronically? How about track my whereabouts when they develop a crew tracking application. Next thig you know crew sked will be pinging your asz and sending you junior mans while you're in bed reading the New Yorker. Or whatever
you guys read.

These are all things that need to be addressed. And well beyond the rookie language ASA contracts are famous for.
I just had an AA guy on my jumpseat showing off his company-issued iPad. He said it has tracking software installed so that the company knows its exact location at all times.

He said guys could use their own iPad if they wanted. They were also all required to carry an emergency charging "brick" backup battery, but he said he could do a 3-day without having to recharge on any of the overnights.

Beyond that, I was very impressed with the ease of moving between different approach pages, or even zooming in on a complicated 10-9 page. It looked very user-friendly, and I would buy my own if given the opportunity. (But then they don't get tracking software on it).

Does anyone wonder if XJet has already purchased iPads, but is waiting for final contract negotiations in order to get something at the table for them? I was at a recent town hall meeting with all the top dogs, and they claimed they are "still working on getting them--these things just take a lot of time." Sure would explain part of that $25M single-quarter loss! ;)