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Expats @ Regionals ?


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Found the statement below from an apparent expat flying for some US regional. He claims the airline got him an H1B visa. I've never heard that before. The only airline I've seen admit to trying to import expats was Republic back in January...and they said it was NOT successful.

I have yet to see any US operator clearly state they're "sponsoring" or even helping people get visas. Not sure why any airline would try/need to hide that if they're doing it.

The E-3 visa limited to Australians has been used in places but the circumstances under which Aussies were successful are not all that clear.

The guy said:

"The falsehoods about airlines not sponsoring work visas are amusing, because I want to give the reality. I am working for a US regional right now, and they sponsored my H1B work visa. A pilot DOES qualify for a H1B under the technicalities of immigration law. The only key is if a company wants to."

I'll guess Republic.


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Even 1 is too many!:angryfire:bomb::uzi::puke:
Well, anger is properly directed at those government and management types who contributed to making a regional spot so unattractive that expats were brought in.

Airlines exist to make money for owners/stockholders by running a business plan (and no other reason). If it's necessary to bring in expats to do that, I say bring 'em in.

Blame the suits. :D


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This from an outfit named EagleJet. I'm not familiar them but they appear to be soliciting Aussies on behalf of US operators ? I don't see any US operator admitting to soliciting expats:


Please note only Australian citizens with at least 1000 hours total time can have access to the following employment opportunities in the USA. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Eagle Jet International is now assisting Australian citizens with at least 1000 hours total time and holding a 4 year Bachelor degree (each year of the 4 year Bachelor degree can be replaced by 2 to 3 years of aviation experience as a pilot) to be employed by some of our American Part 135 partner air carriers with renewable 2 year employment contracts for the following positions depending on our partner airlines needs:

  • Turboprop Captain (Beech 99, Beech 1900, Metroliner III, etc.)
  • Multiengine Captain (Navajo, Chieftain, C402, etc.)
  • Heavy Turboprop First Officer (Brasilia, etc.)
Only if you are an Australian citizen with at least 1000 hours total time and are willing to relocate to the USA for a full time employment contract, please email the following:

  • License & Ratings
  • Passport
  • Last 6 Logbook Pages
  • Aviation Resume including the following breakdown:
    • Total Aircraft Time
    • Total Cross Country Time
    • Total Instrument Time
    • Total Night Time
    • Total Pilot in Command Time
    • Total Simulator Time

After careful review of your documents by Eagle Jet International and its partner airlines, we will let you know if you can be considered for one of the above full time employment positions.

** No Telephone Calls Please. No further information to be provided at this stage.
Position, Employment Package details, Airline, Base, etc. will only be indicated to pilots whose documents have been selected depending on positions available.**


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Lets hope Trump & company get rid of this QUICKLY!!
Too late. Aussies are now becoming common at many regionals under an E3 visa applicable only to them: http://www.h1base.com/content/e3visa

And Chileans are eligible for an H1B1 visa (not sure if it's renewable) but it's only for one year so considering it takes some time to get a guy through training and out to the line, it may not be as attractive to regionals. Haven't heard/seen how that's going to work, if at all; people are asking questions.

It's a new world apparently. Get mad at the Suits...not the expats.
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give any Aussie heaps of ****, they are horrible to Americans at the airlines in this area whenever they get a chance, the good ones are few and far between....think I know about 4 in 27 years....doesnt matter how cool they seem, tell them you plan on going to live in Australia and get a job flying there...

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That's discouraging. What's the reason/story behind that ?
its because of a hatred Aussie pilots developed when America west and other USA pilots went to Australia to fly their airliners whilst the Aussie pilots were in dispute, and had resigned...NOT a strike, mass resignation....many American citizen pilots coming over here were singled out by an Aussie mafia at EK and failed during their training...they are all up in arms about any non-Aussie flying in their country, but are quite happy to take jobs in other's


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its because of a hatred Aussie pilots developed when America west and other USA pilots went to Australia to fly their airliners whilst the Aussie pilots were in dispute, and had resigned...NOT a strike, mass resignation...

I stay out of these "political" issues but do try to understand them. So, you're not talking about the Ansett thing in '89 but some other episode when American pilots came and filled spots in Australia ?