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Europe Flying!


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Hey guys/gals,
About 9 yrs ago I was flying Lance's all over Arizona...for Ameriflight and now I have the oppurtunity to fly in Europe and the pay will make up for all the shi* that has happened since. What should I be aware of...FMS? Terrain? Procedures? Approaches? Wx? Comm?
I would greatly appreciate any and all experiences that will keep me from bending metal...I wanna do good but have ABSOLUTELY no international experience except for Canada, Mexico, and South America!
Thank you for your time...and even though this isn't "Major" flying...your expertise will help!!!




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International Flying!

Sorry for the slow reply,
One job offer is out of Vienna the other is Khazakstan(Almaty).....great money but after reviewing many articles there are definite risks....and the Acukwik says the same!



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Now in a more serious note I had he chance to fly in that part of the world. Very simple people but extremly friendly. Your dollar can go a long way and the girls - the russians that is, not the asians- are very beautiful and friendly. Not a lot of AC units,dusty places, that's for sure


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You had me at Russian......Oh I am sorry What were yall saying?!?!?!! It is hard to make a decision like this when I have never been there....but 2 weeks is the min. I am sure that the reports of radiation(Atyrau/UATG),tuberculosis,typhoid, and Anthrax(bad meat) are way over rated....I am going for the girls!!!! Can't be anyworse than a bad night in Laredo and boystown!!!

2 parachutes or 3???



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Khazakstan is not in europe, you might wanna start from there!

Khazakstan is not in europe, you might want to start from there!

otherwise let us know, what airplane ,what country and where would majority of flying go!

Do you have to do JAA licenses or is the aircraft N registered!

Are you legal to work in EU!!!???

let me know, PM if needed


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this original post sounds like a duplicate of another one on the other website......

LOL!!!! uh yeah, almaty is surely NOT in europe and uhhhh russian girls although can be cuties are not your typical american types.......be warned that part of the world does not extend the same civil liberties that we take for granted back in the states. They are really pissed about the borat thing and if they sniff that kind of mentality out of you....the russian mafia will use you to make a hostel part 3.

otherwise it is beautiful country and high mountains, decent skiing from what i hear, and as far as where it is......head southeast for about 10min and that wall you bump into.....that would be the great wall of CHINA.

and oh yeah, europe is nice too! lol


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You should not worry about Khazakstan, it's pretty European- style country. But it might get cold in the Winter