ATC chooses diversity over qualification

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Apr 15, 2005
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I think that if you are turning a blind eye to the sudden diversification, and do not believe that it is tied to the current administration then you are sorely mistaken. This diversification is targeted at certain groups, and only certain groups. If you are not identified as the selected diversification group then you are not being promoted to higher levels with the government as a whole.

I think that we as a nation are so concerned with offending everyone, we are allowing someone that doesn't meet the requirements to be allowed to full fill a position based on diversification. I myself being in aviation would rather see people who are the best candidates fill the position regardless of their diversity.

I have flown with pilots that have all diversified backgrounds etc, and they all do an excellent job. I think individuals should be hired on experience and merit.

Of course no matter what metrics are applied, you never get anyone competent in aviation management.


Sep 4, 2003
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So let me get this straight. Because a mayor in CLT used the term in that way and I can't even verify that part or really care to, that automatically means that someone in DC using a similar term is using it in the same way? Never mind the fact that no one said word one about diversity issues in the FAA. Was there a memo on diversity hiring? Did anyone in the FAA say they needed to bring in more minorities? Outside of basically 3 words, that I guarantee most people do not associate with diversity, what link to the FAA's decision is there to diversity?

My point is that the only person that even mentioned diversity was the reporter. In fact he provided nothing to support his allegation that this was about diversity at all. He mentioned it and you guys bit it hook, line and sinker never once questioning how he came to such a conclusion.

Just ask yourself this question. Would a story about the Feds hiring cheaper labor make a better story than highly qualified candidates being passed over in favor of diversity?

Lastly, think about this. If this story was even slightly true why would you have to watch a local news channel for this? FOX News would be creaming all over themselves for a story like this. So what have you heard from them? Silence. That should tell you a lot if even FOX isn't jumping on board.
The man in DC, the Sec of transportation, was the mayor of CLT before being appointed to that post. He coined the term and it means exactly that.
Try to find words to back up your denial, it is what it is.

Before you or someone else might be tempted to throw labels at me, my wife and kids are African-American, and we all are fed up at the insinuation of the government and activists that minorities can't compete based on their qualifications. Programs like this do two things, pass up those who have worked hard to be competitive, and kept others from fulfilling their potential by giving them a pass.

Responsible parents don't expect their children to advance without working hard to meet qualifications, and neither should the government. And I find it offensive that government or activists think the only way our youth, regardless of their background can advance is to get a pass.


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Jan 1, 2004
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WMS brings up an interesting point...

What about those minorities that might have been in the CTI program that worked their ass off for that certification? Basically worked hard to get the job with the FAA and then told 'sorry, when needed to widen the aperture.' What a kick in the sack.


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Jun 3, 2003
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Unbelievable! I sincerely hope your son finds a job.

Sorry, but anyone who voted for Obama a 2nd time really has themselves to blame. This diversity theme is all too common in this failed administration.

I think Obama is a miserable, incompetent piece of sh!t who is destroying this nation, however this problem started long before anyone had ever heard of him. Back in the 90's when most of us were slugging it out at rat-sh!t regional carriers minorities were going straight to the right seat at the majors. Hell, one of my own CPT trainees (minority) flew the t-prop as an FO for all of 4 months before going to UAL. Nothing new under the sun, and it aint gonna change any time soon.