Although not in the FBO business anymore, there is a lot of validity in both sides of this debate. Avbug has some excellent points, but lets also look at reality.
$25.00 cash, is not that bad. If you add in the normal tax issue (Federal, FICA, Medicare, and any State that charges tax,) your looking at another REAL amount that is 30% higher. Looks like $32.50 to me.
Now, unless you are working at a super big shop, I don't think many GA Techs are earning that amount. (although to keep my fanny safe you're worth multiples of that!!)
Sorry, I don't buy the liability issue, if that were the case we would not get out of bed. No lawyer would want to sue the average A&P, he just isn't worth that much. (sorry Avbug, but I don't know any guys with net worths worthy of a multi-million dollar suit)
And, for us pilot types,, isn't this calling the pot black? We got how many working for the commuters at $18.00 per hour? If someone wants to putz on a plane on Saturday for $25.00 per,,, I say more power to him!