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Thread: I hear Afghanistan went BOOM! Last night.

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    It was the Wheenie. No American would think that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by s.o.sJTB View Post
    Bloviating again Belch, I wasn't making an argument anywhere of Christians killing Muslims.
    Not any more than you were about the lincoln logs!

    I think someone put decaf in my coffee this morning but Birdstrike is on the right track. In my scan of the more recent posts I saw a common thread of intent between posts by you and Euro.

    You have my apology for calling you out on the specific point...I can't edit it any more now, that opportunity has past. You can consider that portion of my response edited to apply to Euro-especially since not long ago he was bragging about how few Danes believe the Bible and then referring to "Christian" nations!

    I'm unfamiliar with the expression "white nationalist appropriators" though, is that a new liberal term for any white male who has not been castrated by political correctness?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdstrike View Post
    Swing and a miss. Sorry, mate, coalition forces don't count as "Christian" killings of Muslims. We have Muslims in our military. Don't you? We're talking organized, labeled, genocidal efforts of Muslims to root out and slaughter Christians for their faith happening throughout the middle east and often not reported. Coptic Christians in particular of late.
    Speaking of Denmark, we are currently only committing special ops and airforce personnell to the effort in Syrian and Iraq. Not a single one of them is Muslim. By far the biggest foreign force in the area is Russia, who actively discourage anyone of the muslim persuasion to join up. Speaking of the US forces, in 2011 there was a total of around 3.500 muslims serving in all branches; a fraction so minute it hardly makes sense discussing it.

    As for organised and labelled, I think you'll find it matters naught if you're the family of a victim whether he or she was killed by an IED or a missile off a Predator. It's all in the eyes of the beholder, and the unscrouplous could easily argue they are under attack by Christian forces - just as well as 'we' argue we're under attack by 'the muslims', disregarding the fact it's a minute portion of the worlds 1.2BN muslims who are engaged in terrorism - just as it's a minute fraction of christians who are engaged in the 'war on terror' and that we don't use religion as an excuse for the actions the coalition are taking.

    Please note I'm not arguing christians are not oppressed, tortured, raped and murdered by Daesh elements in the Levant. They very much are, and we need to protect them, just as we need to protect anybody else who's subjected to the same treatment, regardless of faith, colour or creed.
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    Hey EuroWheenie wimp dude,when is it going to go "boom" in Europe due to the civil war with radical rag-head Islamic terrorists???????????????????????????????????????????


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