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Thread: Taxi instructions

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    Taxi instructions

    I would like some clarification on taxi instructions. Runway 34 was is use. We contacted ground and requested to taxi via Delta, Bravo, back taxi on 34 for departure on 34. We wanted to inspect the entire length of the runway for ice before our departure on 34 and advised ground. The airport had no incoming/departing traffic due ice on all runways and taxiways.

    Ground gave a clearance taxi Via Delta Bravo cross runway 1, We taxied delta crossed 1 then Bravo to 34. Are hold short instructions or a clearance required prior to starting the back taxi on 34 with the clearance taxi via Delta Bravo cross runway 1 ? or are you cleared all the way to 34 via back taxi for departure ?

    We were speaking with ground the whole time relaying conditions and they were giving us info about conditions. Prior to entering 34 for back taxi we advised ground were going to start our back taxi as a courtesy but no hold short was given.

    We completed the back taxi on 34 and advised ground we would like to return to the ramp, the conditions were too bad we were given "taxi to the ramp"

    We taxi to the ramp and shut down. I was glad not to take off it was an ice rink. As I am getting my stuff I see my taxi instructions I wrote and did not see cleared to back taxi on 34 written down and am wondering if that should of been given by ground if not did I miss it ?. The other pilot said we were given taxi via Delta Bravo cross 1 back taxi 34 but am not sure.

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    The pilot must contact area control with their current position. pay someone to write my paper When the controller is equipped to provide taxi instructions, he or she will first declare the endpoint served by the route. The words “taxi through” or just by describing the route to be taken.

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