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  1. belchfire

    Looking for an old Politically Incorrect UAL poem

    This is yet another example of the failure of that inane mental masturbation exercise known as "Political Correctness" rather than a reflection on the quality of any pilot group. No one cares if the male FO scares the crap out of you-unless it happens to be a male with fair skin and two...
  2. belchfire

    In 10 years AOC says, No more airlines!

    I firmly believe that Alexandra Hyphen Cortez should be President... President of Venezuela that is! :LOL: Bush II got tongue-tied and made a lot of verbal slips but that woman is as dumb as a box of rocks and has no clue what the hell she is talking about. Even more concerning is that there...
  3. belchfire

    I recently had the "good" fortune to ride on a Mesa flight...

    in one of their CRJ 700's. Now the CRJ line was never blessed with the most comfortable seats in the industry-the sad fact is that those years are well in the past what with ever more onerous flame proof requirements and the endless quest for lower weight and decreased seat-mile cost. Sadly...
  4. belchfire

    EAL back in business

    Huh, what kind of equipment?
  5. belchfire

    Choosing a Regional Airline

    American! :ROFLMAO: Well, you know what the difference between coach on an RJ and coach on a real airline is? Yep, at least in the RJ there's no dammed middle seat! Otherwise, the customer service is likely better from the regional airline...
  6. belchfire

    American Pilot Disappeared after Getting New Type Rating

    Sounds like his moral character isn't any worse than the corrupt oligarchs who exhibit nothing but contempt for patent and intellectual property rights in the People's Republic of Crap. Am I somehow supposed to feel sorry for the shysters who probably had no intention of paying what they had...
  7. belchfire

    Test post

    seems to have worked... ;)
  8. belchfire

    Your RC A/C

    Oh the shame! You resurrected a ten year old thread about real radio controlled airplanes and helicopters-which are actually more difficult to fly than real aircraft in spite of the fact that no one dies when the model gets stuck into the ground like a dart or breaks up in flight-and actually...
  9. belchfire

    KE032 DFW-ICN flew WEST of North Korea to ICN. WHY?

    I'd need to know a bit more about the routing. Did you come in from the PRC or from over the Sea of Japan? Either could be used depending on how the flight was built regarding winds aloft, volcanic eruptions on the Kamchatka Peninsula or in the Aleutian Islands or because of favorable costs...
  10. belchfire

    HABCO SK2005HPU Hydraulic Servicing Power Unit FOR SALE, NEW!

    What kind of hydraulic fluid is it compatible with? I can't help if it's mineral based but if it will work with Skydrol I might be able to help...send me a PM if it's okay with the Skydrol!
  11. belchfire

    Amazon Air Cargo

    How's the cohabitation with DHL going in CVG?
  12. belchfire

    AT/SWA SLI Question

    You are forgiven! Go and sin no more... The Federal Government, as preserved in a corrupted form that would not be recognized by President Jefferson by the Liberal Federalist Lincoln and the illegal war he waged has decreed that airlines are as vital to the Nation's Security and Prosperity as...
  13. belchfire

    What do you pack for a trip?

    A carton of Phillip Morris Commanders and a fifth of Pancho Villa!
  14. belchfire

    EAL back in business

    Some of us here are old enough to remember when Eastern wasn't just another recycled former great airline name to be tossed around in the shallow, murky and stagnant end of the Part 121 Supplemental pond... Honestly, I wish them the best of luck (hey, a "what if" bunch from Florida stuck it...
  15. belchfire

    Republic Bankruptcy ?

    Man, the Regional section used to be one of the most active sections of this forum... Still, what is happening to RAH is something that was proven by Midway after a fuel price increase eighteen years ago. RJ's, especially 50 seat RJ's, are not economical to operate! And as Corpex proved in...
  16. belchfire

    Insecure Login Warning

    Hey Neal, thanks-I just noticed that response!
  17. belchfire

    weight shift control

    I think he means like on a hang glider or on Count Ferdinand Von Zepplin's LZ-1. For some applications (hang gliders) weight shifting is sort of adequate. Outside of that limited application it really doesn't work well...
  18. belchfire

    What model is this??

    The man could spin a wonderful yarn...
  19. belchfire

    What model is this??

    Why is it that the A-26s inspire the sexiest nose art? It took a while to dig it out from a few different sources but NL7079G is a 1946 A-26C. Looking at some of the other photos and the longer than military looking nose and tip tanks I believe that she was converted to an executive transport...
  20. belchfire

    Landing mins