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    verizon flt department

    I posted this several months ago but didn't get much of a response. Does anyone have any information on their flt dept? How many pilots, hiring plans, etc. Are there any rumors as to what they will do once the Alltel buyout is complete? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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    Hewlett Packard

    Hewlett Packard announced they are opening a customer service and technical support center in central arkansas that will employ over 1200 people with average starting salaries above 40K. Has anyone heard if they will bring an airplane or two to Little Rock? If so, any ideas of the types?
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    Verizon Wireless Flt Dept

    Does anyone have any information on Verizon Wireless flight department? How many pilots, planes, types, salary, future plans? Any info would sure help
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    Ryan International

    I was told from a friend that Ryan International was getting more airplanes this summer and would be hiring a lot of pilots. I did a search on the company and found a lot of good info but most of it was very old. Do you guys know anything about them? Thanks
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    PIC Piston / SIC Jet

    There was a very similar post recently but my situation is a little different. Wondering if you all could offer a bit of advice. I'm currently flying Part 121 SIC (Jet) and trying to get back to corporate flying. I have been hired to fly Part 135 PIC multi-piston / occasional multi-turbine...
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    AR jobs?

    I know this type of question is asked on this forum on a regular, but I haven't seen any questions directed towards Arkansas in a while. I'm currently flying for a regional carrier but am ready to leave the industry. I've flown corporate before in Arkansas but have been out of the loop for a...