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  1. jetdriven

    bonus for Flyi execs 2.1 million

    WASHINGTON, Jan 4 (Reuters) - Independence Air, which will stop flying on Thursday, is proposing $3.2 million in estimated bonuses to keep key employees on the job as it winds down its corporate operations, bankruptcy records showed. The judge overseeing the airline's bankruptcy in Delaware...
  2. jetdriven

    small angled tab on wing of jets, what is it??

    what is this small angled tab on the top surface of jet wings, usually angled towards the fuselage. It is usually painted yellow and is less than two inches in size.. it appears to be a tab to lift the plane with but it sure seems small. I have seen them on 737's, CRJ's, ERJ's etc.
  3. jetdriven

    How many aircraft types have you flown

    This thread is to establish how many different types of aircraft you have flown over your career so far. I was a ferry pilot for a GA dealer for a while, so I am showing 50 different types. LETS HEAR WHAT YOU GOT!!
  4. jetdriven

    Johnny Ornstein's words on freedom

    DIAL 1-877-MESA-CEO. This is the most outrageous piece of "fireside chat" material I have ever heard! Reminds me of "Frankie Smooth Talk" all over again.
  5. jetdriven

    should I leave MESA for Air Wisconsin?

    All this talk about how good air wisconsin is has got me thinking about leaving MESA for AirWis... I am currently on the be1900D as a 1.5 year FO, but I do have the 1900D type, I was furloughed right after I got it so I was never captain. I could upgrade here for 30.00 per hour on the 1900. What...
  6. jetdriven

    Mesa CEO Jonathan Ornstein, AKA Lorenzo

    This comment was made on the Mesa yahoo board 9-16-2002 when asked about the possibility of a strike. Make no mistake about it folks, JO is either bluffing or willing to sacrifice the company for his ego. Does this sound like Continental and Frank Lorenzo all over again?? Pretty troubling...
  7. jetdriven

    Eagle, TSA, and CHQ jet rates needed

    I am on the yahoo mesa board and am being told that Freedumb Air's payrates are higher than Eagle and TSA. Those of you who fly for Eagle, TSA, and CHQ please post your 50 and 70 seat jet rates please??
  8. jetdriven

    mesa to recall furloughed pilots

    we got 66 on furlough and are expected to recall 20 of them shortly according to CEO Joanthan Ornstein. Rumor is a new hire class for september.
  9. jetdriven

    JAX crash pad needed

    responsible 121 regional pilot looking for a JAX crashpad. thanks
  10. jetdriven

    airtran question

    Hi all: I am furloughed from a 121 carrier. I am 27. I have 2200 total and 850 mulit, with 350 of that turbine 121 SIC. I also just completed the Captain program and got my ATP and type rating on the Be1900. What are the chances of getting on at Airtran? I would be willing to give up my...