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  1. jetdriven

    April 13 Jetblue interview

    nothing here or the 5 guys that emailed me
  2. jetdriven

    Parking break question??

    the hazard is on a slippery runway, you could have a loss of directional control. Or like the story I heard these guys took of in a dc-10 on a slick runway with the parking brake on. when they crossed the intersecting runway which was clean they blew out all the tires.
  3. jetdriven

    Parking break question??

    as a rule i never set it
  4. jetdriven

    Mesa upgrade back under 2 years..

    some guys were hired at air midwest. there are three kinds of regionals. mesa, lakes, and everyone else.
  5. jetdriven

    Mesa 1900s no more?

    nothing like breaking through 10,000 feet and calling up center 4 miles off the departure end of the runway in the 1900D. or a 414 kt groundspeed check my avatar. the 1900 was not your father's beechcraft. I fly the CRJ now but i miss the mighty beech.
  6. jetdriven

    How similiar is the EMB175 to a CRJ?

    no autothrottles in any crj2/7/9. collins proline 21 six tube efis with fms.
  7. jetdriven

    CAL To Order Turboprops

    dont tell that to a 1900 pilot. we'd pass those dash 8 100/200's up like they were still taxiing. FA's and soda are overrated. I have respect for 5,000 SHP a side, but its not the only plane out there.
  8. jetdriven

    Amazing video - Citation overrun in ACY

    and the new tail number is OY- WET. no joke
  9. jetdriven

    Mesa 900 screwed the pooch on landing

    if you can find a job cleaning toilets for the 75 or 80 grand i'll make this year I'd like to see it.
  10. jetdriven

    JO Decides Code-Shares Are Better Than Flying Empty in HI

    a lot of our -200's wont make .70 with both engines running. And most of them wont climb above FL320. thats what 27,000 airframe and engine hours gets you.
  11. jetdriven

    bonus for Flyi execs 2.1 million

    WASHINGTON, Jan 4 (Reuters) - Independence Air, which will stop flying on Thursday, is proposing $3.2 million in estimated bonuses to keep key employees on the job as it winds down its corporate operations, bankruptcy records showed. The judge overseeing the airline's bankruptcy in Delaware...
  12. jetdriven

    mesa THE WhoRE

    belikeve it or not it is an approved uniform jacket. I wear it too. The alternative is a leather jacket for 450$ or carry around the USAir blazer you cant wear in the united or AWA systems.
  13. jetdriven

    Best Headsets out there?

    bose. I've used it in light singles, twins, 1900's, and now in the CRJ. 3500 hours on it.
  14. jetdriven

    SAAB 2000 groundspeed record

    check my avatar. 403 kts in the 1900. I got 404 for a few seconds
  15. jetdriven

    Houston Aircraft Rentals?

    better planes at IWS (west houston airport www.westhoustonairport.com ) and they dont require you to have renters insurance. They have a g1000 172SP now.
  16. jetdriven

    Safest GA Plane

    there has not been one in flight airframe failure of a c-182 or c-172 ever. pretty safe airplane if you ask me.
  17. jetdriven

    Overpowered aircraft

    beech 1900's have a lot of power for what they are.
  18. jetdriven

    The Alternate Airline Slogan Thread

    MESA: Minimum Employee Salary Allowed Makes Every Spouse Angry PSA: Pretty Snotty Airline (we're wholly-owned!!!)
  19. jetdriven

    Would you pay $1,000 for a headset???

    I have 3000 hours on my BOSE headset and I never regret laying out the money for them. They still bring 600-700$ on ebay so .17 per hour (including batteries) is not a bad price to pay for hearing and less fatigue. I dont go to starbucks so if you figure the cost savings there (400$ a year)...
  20. jetdriven

    white shirts?

    I second that. I only wear those shirts. I got two years out of two shirts wearing one every other day.