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  1. cocknbull

    Delta gouge questions

    I have the great opportunity to interview with Delta in the next month and I have some questions about the gouge. I have been looking over the gouge and have been finding conflicting information in some of the answers. 1. I thought under inflated tires would cause a lower dynamic...
  2. cocknbull

    CAL interview with record

    Does anyone know if CAL will interview with a minor misdomeanor that occured several years ago. It was for a drinking related offense before I was 21 and the outcome was a fine. I have been told I am in the short stack, but I'm worried about this. Thanks
  3. cocknbull

    Country's top ambulance chaser after Comair
  4. cocknbull

    NetJets XL/XLS

    What is the difference, and do you get payed more on this fleet because they are different?
  5. cocknbull

    Excel headset

    Is the the Excel cockpit loud or can you use a telex 750? Thanks
  6. cocknbull

    CAL an a misdomeanor(sp)

    I had an open flask ticket 9 years ago and paid a $66 fine. Do you think this will red flag me at CAL?
  7. cocknbull

    GJ is recruiting in Cincinnati

    Went to followed links to jobs and typed in pilot. I think they are going to activly recruit furloughed Comair pilots. If you want to walk around with your chin up do not apply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. cocknbull

    Looking for UAL Pilot

    Mitch LAX 757/767 FO I would like to email him some stuff from PLIH. I hope this is enough info.
  9. cocknbull

    Chicago Hotels

    Does anyone know of airline discount rates on hotels near lincoln park or downtown? Where does your airline stay? Thanks
  10. cocknbull

    Jumpseat inter island Hawaii

    I am going to Kauai this week for my sister's wedding and I would love advice on jumpseating in Hawaii. I may go direct from SFO to LIH, however I may go to HNL as a backup. How hard is it to jumpseat from HNL to LIH on Aloha or whoever? Thanks for all suggestions and advice
  11. cocknbull

    Bush Admin "No Cabotage"

    Mineta: US, EU Close to Open Skies Deal Fri May 21, 9:28 AM ET Add Top Stories - Reuters to My Yahoo! PRAGUE (Reuters) - The United States and the European Union (news - web sites) are getting close to agreeing an 'open skies' deal to free up their transatlantic aviation market, U.S...
  12. cocknbull

    interesting link
  13. cocknbull

    Delta Pilots or General Lee

    I don't know if you guys no much about the contracts Delta has with its contract regional partners, however I thought that they could not operate for a competitor on routes out of Delta Hubs. That is why ACA could not fly IAD to ATL as UEX. However I was on a Chautauqua American Connection...
  14. cocknbull

    Mesa and J31s

    I noticed a few ex ACA J31s parked at CVG last week and I figured they were for Ameriflight. However today I was playing golf witha buddy and he said that they were being refurbished for Mesa Airlines. Can anyone confirm this?
  15. cocknbull

    King Air C90A Questions

    What is the King Air C90A max takeoff weight? What is it with the gross weight increase from raisebeck? Is it that much better then the C90? What should a C90A captain/manager make in Cincinnati area? Thanks for any replies :D
  16. cocknbull

    New Orleans this weekend

    Does anyone else have a trip there this weekend for the final four. If so let me know because I will be there and have a rental car. I'm single pilot so I hate to spend 4 days by myself
  17. cocknbull

    New Orleans this weekend

    Does anyone else have a trip there this weekend for the final four. If so let me know because I will be there and have a rental car. I'm single pilot so I hate to spend 4 days by myself.
  18. cocknbull

    Lease back

    I need some help. Pros and cons between the King Air B200 and the Cheyenne 3. Also, I need to right up a proposal to a customer who is going to purchase the airplane and lease it back on our 135 and use it part91. What are some things I should consider and what should I include in my...
  19. cocknbull

    Bombardier to Lay Off 3,000

    Anyone else know what this is all about. I saw it on CNN headline news this morning. I figured they would be the perfect company to the void of aircraft between 50 and 100 seats. I'm sure this will cause a further slow down in their production. Who will rise up and meet that market?
  20. cocknbull

    war with Iraq

    I have been hearing alot of people talking "bit-hing" about how more furloughs will come and how the industry will loose more money when we go and take care of Saddam. I myself take a different opinion on this. A war with Iraq will be short. So for maybe two weeks the stock market will tank...