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  1. trainerjet

    A Second Grand Aire Accident

    This seems a little bizzare, but it appears another Grand Aire aircraft was involved in an accident in St. Louis.
  2. trainerjet

    UAL Concession Details

    While cruising another message board, I ran across these details of the tentative pilot concessions at United. (LCO = Low Cost Operation) 6 year contract 30% paycut (from 29%) no pay raise for another 3 years, then 1.5% per yr pension reduced (1.35 multiplier, equates to about 35% of salary)...
  3. trainerjet

    DC-9/B717 Type question

    I believe that I read somewhere on this board at one time that the B717 was a separate type rating from a DC9/MD-80, etc. However, this is a direct quote from the most recent Flight Standardization Board (FSB) Report from the FAA regarding the DC-9 and all it's variants. 2. PILOT "TYPE...
  4. trainerjet

    Legacy Airlines Open House

    This was fwd to me via email. Thought I'd post it here if anyone is interested. I make no claims as to the viability of this company. There has been some discussion about them previously on this site. Legacy Airlines Open House Fellow Pilots- The next open house for ALL employee groups...