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  1. cocknbull

    Wtf delta?

    It has been a while since I was on the Mad Dog but at 167.5k and 165k clean speeds are above 260KIAS.
  2. cocknbull

    Delta reduction

    I wish I could buy you a beer right now!
  3. cocknbull

    Stockholm Syndrome: when legacy pilots agree that an a/c CANNOT be flown by mainline

    I thought Stockholm syndrome was when captives began identifying with their captors.
  4. cocknbull

    Airtran 717s to fly for Delta?

    Relative seniority for relative company. Air Tran is not relative to Delta.
  5. cocknbull

    DL - no single aisle orders

    I had 3 letters of recommendations from Delta pilots. That was it.
  6. cocknbull

    DL - no single aisle orders

    I am a white male that was hired with 3800TT and 450 TPIC in 2007. I was not former military and was hired in 2007.
  7. cocknbull

    Air Tran 717 to Delta, Avondale Partners

    If the planes are coming from Boeing and not AirTran than how will that work interms of the pilots?
  8. cocknbull

    Comair Shrinking More And Faster?

    YA because Comair sold the tickets to those customers? Face it, Comair was a flea on Delta's balls and we scratched you off with our M----Fing paws.
  9. cocknbull

    DAL and its employees being anti-union is holding up FAA funding bill

    Way to stay on topic guys. I pointed out a flaw in the current voting rules and not one of you can comprehend it and respond to it. You just spew rhetoric which is simplistic and sophomoric. Just keep telling yourself you are educated and the Republicans are a bunch of god fearing idiots that...
  10. cocknbull

    DAL and its employees being anti-union is holding up FAA funding bill

    Our non union employees are among the best compensated in the industry. Ask the NWA FAs how they feel making less for the same company. The Dems have made it nearly impossible to vote out a union. Still today after the voting rules change the process of voting out a union remand the same. A...
  11. cocknbull

    DAL and its employees being anti-union is holding up FAA funding bill

    Well actually it would be a vote against the challenger not the incumbent if you wanted to make a proper comparison. In fact to make a fair comparison you would have to submit that to get an incumbent out a non vote would be a vote for the incumbent because to decertify a union a non vote is a...
  12. cocknbull

    DAL and its employees being anti-union is holding up FAA funding bill

    No offense but you are an idiot! The airlines give a boat load of money to both sides of the isle. Furthermore if the Dems wanted fairness when it comes to unions in the workplace why weren't they for allowing unions to be decertified in the same manner. As it stands a vocal minority can...
  13. cocknbull

    DAL and its employees being anti-union is holding up FAA funding bill

    Actually you are wrong. It means that the majority of employees must want a union and vote for it. A vocal minority should never be allowed to change a work environment. Furthermore the rules were not changed on decertifying a union. As it stands now a non vote is a pro union vote when it...
  14. cocknbull

    Caribbean Airlines 737 Crashes in Guyana

    It has been two years since I last flew there but as a recall no. It has some RNAV(GPS) and VOR approaches but no ILS as well. I think runway 6 has a PAPI with a lower than standard approach angle. Sorry don't carry charts anymore so I can't look it up.
  15. cocknbull

    ASA CR9 hit by Delta in Boston

    Good one less RJ
  16. cocknbull

    Delta overstaffed for 2012?

    Thanks for posting internal company business on a public website! The 22 D3 report is a list published after an AE is awarded. We had vacancies left on the AE so actually we are a bit understaffed. Unless you understand the numbers don't post or comment on them. Things are just fine here at...
  17. cocknbull

    DL Starts the Consolidation of MSP and ATL Training Centers

    Actually CVG has 9 fortune 500 companies and 15 fortune 1000 companies.
  18. cocknbull

    Delta to retire 7600 pilots in next 15 years

    Ummm....Arnie is smart and Delta is a company which to my knowledge can't be smart or stupid for that matter.
  19. cocknbull

    GO JET Airlines open House

    This whole Gojet thing is stupid! As a former TSA pilot who was downgraded as a result of the Gojet deal falling through I initially hated all Gojets pilots. I still feel a little ill will towards a few of the former TSA pilots who went there, but the reality is that TSA pilots failed to...
  20. cocknbull

    GO JET Airlines open House

    Thanks for the morning laugh!