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  1. epic!

    New PSA written

    Anyone have a gouge for the new written test at PSA? Most of the ones on the internets seem to be old version. Thanks!
  2. epic!

    Aerobatics training in NC

    Looking to start getting into some light aerobatics soon. Anyone know of where I can get some training in NC?
  3. epic!

    250 hr hiring mins...

    Who thinks we will see mins like this again? Was having this discussion recently; some say its inevitable with future attrition and the work/rest regs, personally I dont see them going that low but then again Im not involved in the 121 world.
  4. epic!

    skybus making a return?

    just saw a job posting for an assistant chief pilot for skybus. do they plan on making a comeback?
  5. epic!

    Ethiopian 737 crash
  6. epic!

    Trying to settle a debate (color blindness)

    Can one that is color blind fly for the military (any branch)? I was always under the impression that one could not even with a SODA or letter of evidence.
  7. epic!

    Jetstream Ground Services

    Might not be the right place to ask this but Im thinking of applying for a ramp agent job until something better comes along. Does anyone know what the work is like (pay, schedule, any benefits, etc)? Thanks
  8. epic!

    Banner Tow (Van Wagner)

    Just trying to get some general information. Do you have to live in one of their "office" locations? What is the schedule like? Whats the training consist of? Thanks
  9. epic!

    time building

    Any ideas on how to build some time? The plan was to go for a cfi but thats not financially feasible at the moment and all my contract flights have pretty much dried up. The only other things I can think of are banner tow, jump pilot, traffic watch jobs. etc am I missing any low time "entry...
  10. epic!

    fundamentals of instruction

    can i take a practice test online anywhere?
  11. epic!

    Thinking of getting my CFI...

    I graduate college in a few months and feel my only chances of building time and gaining experience at the moment is with a CFI. I have no hold ups about the getting it (training, costs, check ride) its just the actual of process of instructing that Im not feeling too keen on. Im typically not...
  12. epic!

    PDT news?

    Whats the story on Piedmont now a days? There hasnt been too much talk about them on here recently. Just trying to get a little bit of info. Thanks
  13. epic!

    variable cost per hour

    Im trying to find the hourly cost on a few different aircraft. Is there a website or database that has this information?
  14. epic!

    American Eagle?

    What is going on with this airline? I used to check these boards religiously but have been out of the loop for a new months now. I may be moving to LA and figured they might be a good outfit to get on board with. Any thoughts?
  15. epic!

    River Hawk Aviation

    Anyone know anything about their operation? I think they have a few lears and king airs but thats about all i know.
  16. epic!

    US ATC system outdated?

    Ive heard a lot of talk on this topic recently, just curious as to everyones thoughts. Are other countries systems much different?
  17. epic!

    quick question

    Hello all, I'm am soon to begin my fly career doing some 91 work in the right seat of a king air. I have not talked specifics with the future employers but how much can I expect to make? I live in the south east and have very low time. I'm not doing this job solely for the money but I would...
  18. epic!

    color blindness?

    Just curious as to how many had to get a S.O.D.A. because of color blindness. Will this affect ones chances of getting hired?
  19. epic!

    close call over nc

    Posted on Wed, Dec. 12, 2007 US Airways flight, small jet nearly collide in midair AIRLINES A US Airways flight bound for Charlotte and a small private jet leaving Statesville narrowly missed hitting each other Tuesday morning about 15 miles west of Greensboro, a representative of the air...
  20. epic!

    sweet prank bro!