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  1. trainerjet

    RJDC 6/26 update

    You forgot one thing. It's yada, yada, yada, SNORE....................
  2. trainerjet

    American Eagle Flowback

    Probably not nearly as well as the AE pilots thought when they were sure they would be "flowing up" instead. I believe the same two unions were at work then, too.
  3. trainerjet

    Fractional Growth Stats - CitationShares Fastest Growing & Flexjet Losing Ground...

    Surprise, surprise. Another "who's got the biggest d*%k" thread on the fractionals board. Don't you guys EVER tire of this argument? Whip 'em out. Let's settle this thing here and now!! :rolleyes:
  4. trainerjet

    to strike or not to strike...

    Publishers never knows what the f*ck he's talking about. He just spouts that same old "this is a business, and I am a business man" BS. Then again...he DID write the book on it, so he knows EVERYTHING. Just ask him. He'll tell you. :rolleyes:
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    Daytona 500 predictions please

    I don't suppose you'd care to explain (since you felt the need to bring it up) WHY Jeff Gordon qualified 38th?? It wouldn't have anything to do with Dale Jr's protege Kasey Kahne's absolute bonehead move in the pits that resulted in an accident now would it?? Plate rates=DEI victories...yep...
  6. trainerjet

    What now, Big Sky?

    I guess the bed that YOU sleep in is lined with that industry leading contract YOUR pilot group just signed. :rolleyes: You're right about one thing, and it would be good that you remember your own words....what goes around comes around. Douchebag. (I had left this board for good for...
  7. trainerjet

    Smoking Pilots

    Re: Re: Re: trainerjet As is so typical due to the level of (non) intelligence that runs rampant on this board, you have completely and totally missed the point I was making...WOW BIG SURPRISE THERE. I don't have the inclination to explain it. Again. So, take it however you want and think...
  8. trainerjet

    Smoking Pilots

    Re: trainerjet I could care less one way or the other. Just pointing out my company's policy. BTW, it's those who think that they have somehow "beat the system" that are usually so surprised when the rug gets suddenly and inevitably jerked out from under them.
  9. trainerjet

    Citation Shares--Pilot Life??

    I never said it was "unfair". All I did was point out their policy, and re-iterate that they are serious about enforcing it. No commuting and no craschpads. As fot the "exceptions", I have been told (I don't work there, but know someone who does), that while there are some that have been...
  10. trainerjet

    Welcome Independence Air

    Since this is abviously a big deal to some of you, I admit that I was wrong. Does this help????????????? I went and looked at two of our aircraft in the hangar, and they each had a small painted section down the center of the underside of the wing. So, You are right, I am wrong. I admit I...
  11. trainerjet

    Citation Shares--Pilot Life??

    I'm not absolutely sure about that. I would imagine it's meant as 90 minutes driving time. Who knows by what method they determine this?
  12. trainerjet

    Citation Shares--Pilot Life??

    They care, big time. Just ask them. If they have reason to believe you are not living in your domicile, they will ask for proof. Drivers license, etc. They have done this with many, and threatened termination if you are not in compliance with this policy. Hey, it's their company and they...
  13. trainerjet

    Citation Shares--Pilot Life??

    But they absolutely FORCE you to live within 90 minutes of your domicile. You must show proof of residence. No commuting. No crashpads, etc. Be ready to accept these terms if you are interested in employment there. No exceptions...(except of course, those exceptions they have already made...
  14. trainerjet

    Welcome Independence Air

    OK...I'll revise my post to mean primarily larger transport aircraft. Like the 737, MD-80, 757 or A-320. :rolleyes: You tell me why none of these aircraft have "white or grey stuff" on the wings?
  15. trainerjet

    Free 121 job

    They obviously don't care.
  16. trainerjet

    Welcome Independence Air

    I think most light airplane wings are painted, but I can't think of any transport jets (or airline paint schemes) with painted wings. They are not painted for a variety of reasons, and not just the weight factor.
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    Actually sir, you should check YOUR facts. The "gateway" system that NetJets uses requires the pilots to choose from a list of company approved cities. Yes, the pilots choose, but the company gives them the cities they can choose from, which was the subject of his post. Inquiring how the...
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    Smoking Pilots

    Feel free to go ahead and sue. I'm sure you're not the first to think of it. This policy has been in effect for years and years.
  19. trainerjet

    COMAIR or AIR Whiskey

    Man, your paranoia is working overtime on this one. Either that of you lurk about waiting for any opportunity to spew forth. The original question was about 2 "so-called" regionals. But, since you take exception even to this, I think the point the poster was (truthfully) making was that no...
  20. trainerjet

    ASA Concessions!!!

    WRONG (AGAIN!) I could apply and be hired tomorrow at SWA (assuming they were hiring and I passed the interview) without spending a nickel. I have a 737 type that was fully paid for by my employer. So, you are completely incorrect that ALL Southwest pilots have to "pay for their type before...