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    You can’t fix stupid

    those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.......
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    Air India Plane nearly ran out of fuel after pilots forgot to bring up landing gear

    Air India's attempt at being "politically correct"
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    The end of Comair

    no kidding...
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    Expats @ Regionals ?

    yes, the '89 thing....still sour grapes on part of many Ozzie pilots towards Americans
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    Expats @ Regionals ?

    its because of a hatred Aussie pilots developed when America west and other USA pilots went to Australia to fly their airliners whilst the Aussie pilots were in dispute, and had resigned...NOT a strike, mass resignation....many American citizen pilots coming over here were singled out by an...
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    Expats @ Regionals ?

    give any Aussie heaps of ****, they are horrible to Americans at the airlines in this area whenever they get a chance, the good ones are few and far between....think I know about 4 in 27 years....doesnt matter how cool they seem, tell them you plan on going to live in Australia and get a job...
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    Expats @ Regionals ?

    part of the AWA operation?
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    Expats @ Regionals ?

    Try to go get a flying job in Australia and see what happens...
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    All ASA pilots...please read!

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    Egyption Air flight

    It's Egypt Air....
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    737F/O to Capt ?

    don't send them any money....go through a reputable agency for China or other opportunities...such as PARC or Rishworth
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    China West Air-FO Spots

    scam alert
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    Southwest stuck in snow at BNA

    no kidding, what a bunch of idiots
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    Southwest's new plan to screw Airtran pilots

    please team me more about the Morris-7... almost went to work there just before they got acquired by SWA..PM if you prefer
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    jobs that will pay for reinstatement of licenses?

    wondering if he listed the anti-biotic on his for one fills out inquiring about medications in use..
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    Sierra Pacific Airlines

    most likely...Tucson is their home base...
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    Sierra Pacific Airlines

    Been around for a few decades operated CV-580 and B-737...were the "founding fathers" for Morris SWA...sports team charters, fire fighting crews etc...etc...nice folks... homestyle airline
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    Expressjet ?
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    Smisek finally out at UAL

    he may still be up for a stretch in the pen no?, or possibly a large fine to wipe out that golden parachute..
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    Congrats to the RAH pilots and Union

    he's about to meet management that makes the union thugs look like Santy Clause