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    Flight Info is alive and kicking. Whats going on in the corporate world?

    Still plugging away part 91. We have lost a few folks due to part 121 and attrition. Buzz
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    Masco shut down?
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    Longest part 91 duty day

    so true, but I say 85%.
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    164K 158 hours so far. Have to fly on the 30th so add a couple extra hours. Part 91 for over 10 years. You can have that 121 shizzle.
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    Plane forced to abort landing in high winds

    The pilot did an excellent job of having the starboard pax enjoy a spectacular view of the oncoming runway!
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    Interview questions

    Jet...Good response...I second that motion.
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    Citation 1 In Flight Wing Departure
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    KSMO crash No survivors. :(
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    You just never know when that pink slip is coming...
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    FAA changes SFO Landing Policies
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    Great Security At VNY

    Learjet Tagged At Van Nuys Los Angeles World Airports has confirmed an unusual incident of aircraft vandalism at Van Nuys Airport earlier this week. A Learjet was tagged with some elaborate graffiti, which would have taken the "artist" some time to complete. Paint work to obliterate the...
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    They now fly (3) G-280's domestic and international. Great solid 91 operator, QOL, etc. No idea if they are hiring. Good luck!
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    National Air Cargo
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    Wynn Resorts to Get First G650 - Article

    Heh, starting with a whoopdedoo remark will guarantee you about zero replies for help. Cheers... Lol chump
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    Wynn Resorts to Get First G650 - Article

    PQL? If you have to live in Vegas? Strike 1.
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    Best or worst corporate flying job EVER? Sunglasses and Flip Flops Required!

    I knew it was BS when he said someone was flirting with him.
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    Best Corporate Flight Departments

    If you reply on FI with long winded paragraphs while spending most of your day at an FBO, you probably are not listed in the top 100 91 gigs.
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    Curious about a white 747 out of Andrews

    $5 Billion & 15 Years worth of testing.
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    Procter & Gamble

    Sounds like a real gamble.