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  1. Erlanger

    Ever see an inverted C130?
  2. Erlanger

    Delta pilots fly thru thunderstorm

    Check out their flight path. Looks like they were trying to get between the weather but it closed in on them.
  3. Erlanger

    Frequent flier has wings clipped after American Airlines takes away unlimited pass

    This is the second or third I've heard a story like this in the past 10 years. Seems like the airlines are looking for excuses to dump these people and the airlines have known these passengers have been using other names on tickets. Seems to me that they let them do this for a time and then at...
  4. Erlanger

    Departure Conflict at Midway; DAL SWA

    Full audio.
  5. Erlanger

    EFC time

    How is the EFC time given by a controller determined for the first aircraft issued holding instructions?
  6. Erlanger

    United about to shrink Guam?

    United also ended its Guam to Hiroshima flights a few months ago.
  7. Erlanger

    Air India is hiring...

    And it gets even more interesting.
  8. Erlanger

    Germanwings plane crashed intentionally by F/O

    Hey, here's a brilliant idea; we have jumpseats, so lets put a 3rd pilot in all cockpits including the RJs to prevent this from happening again. How do you become an "expert"?
  9. Erlanger

    Germanwings Crash. Why No Fires present ??

    Going to change now.
  10. Erlanger

    Air India is hiring...

    ...but no one showed up.
  11. Erlanger

    Delta off the runway again

    NTSB report today of findings so far. I highlighted some significant things here. Could they have landed too smoothly or hydroplaned and neither the spoilers or brakes activated because of it? And for those of you that have started to blame the crew...STFU! March 9, 2015 WASHINGTON - As part...
  12. Erlanger

    Delta off the runway again

    LGA Tower;
  13. Erlanger

    Denver Tower withholding gust information

    Pretty serious stuff.
  14. Erlanger

    Eskimo ERJ175s flown by SkyWest.

    This will all be a none issue after Delta buys Alaska.
  15. Erlanger

    SkyWest Interviewing?

    Its regular SkyWest line pilots that conduct the interviews with one person from HR possibly sitting in and she will probably have no idea what you're talking about.
  16. Erlanger

    Delta to add service from Seattle to Boise, Denver, Ketchikan, Sitka, and boost more

    There'll be no MRJs flying for Alaska. The E175s, yes; anouncement coming.
  17. Erlanger

    Air France 447, automation and the pilot

    Here's a good article about the human factor, automation in flying and the Air France 447 crash. Long article but good read.
  18. Erlanger

    What General Lee is doing during a flight
  19. Erlanger

    UPS Airbus down in Birmingham

    On Sep 9th 2014 the NTSB conducted their board meeting to determine the cause of the crash and concluded the probable causes of the crash were: - the crew continued an unstabilized approach into Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Birmingham, Ala. - the crew failed to monitor...