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  1. BentOver

    Interesting Landing Technique

    Going to idle on a 767 at 50' might not be pretty... Going to idle on a 767 with GE engines and you may be embarrassed to show face while deplaning.
  2. BentOver

    Pet Peeves

    I admit to doing the flap thing in sim.... After the fiftieth single engine missed, I do it because 1) I know it's coming and 2) in case the PF somehow brain farts, he can have a friendly reminder... My biggest pet peeve is the guy who somehow has the need to explain some mundane private pilot...
  3. BentOver

    NJA TA in principal reached!!!

    True, just playing conspiracy theorist.... I was thinking more along the lines of raising the hope of the 100 or so immediately after... The gullible ones who think all of a sudden upgrades will begin in earnest.
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    Understandablely we've gotten a bit complacent over the last 14+ years.... Now, more than ever, we need to bring our sense of awareness back to the level we were at immediately after 9/11... Question everything that looks "funny"... IMO, something will be attempted on American soil. Or on a...
  5. BentOver

    NJA TA in principal reached!!!

    I know in my hire timeframe, I think it's still 2-300 numbers away...And that was a new hire class over 8 years ago. Even if they upgraded 30 new captains a year ( which they haven't done in a decade), that is 6-10 years away (not counting possible SIC attrition ahead of me.) Those who were...
  6. BentOver

    NJA TA in principal reached!!!

    Only took 10 years and a bit of attrition..t Interesting timing on the first upgrades in a decade oh so close to contract ratification time.. Good for the guys upgrading, I'd be skeptical of the timing
  7. BentOver

    NJA TA in principal reached!!!

    Is that for all fleets or larger cabin... Is the 18 day being upped to 19? 11 years to make $150 doing 19 days+ holidays as an SIC..... NJA will have the same problem they did '05-'07. SIC's leaving for airlines... Only thing that may deter a mass exodus is the number of airline spots...
  8. BentOver

    NJA TA in principal reached!!!

    Wait, what happened to 10/250 as the absolute minimum?
  9. BentOver

    NJA TA in principal reached!!!

    So someone In year eight now, after another 8 yrs.... Will possibly make $126,511 ( year 15 for them) And a newhire will be at $99908 in year eight.... Hell the airline FO's make the money you posted in the first column by year 2-3 as a new hire.....
  10. BentOver

    NetJets TA, see for yourself

    Seems from the outside that Senior larger cabin, 18 day schedule nets >210,000 For the FO' or new guys remember that chances are you may not see this aircraft with 4 stripes for a very very long time. Vote according to what you will definitely hold in the next 5-10 yrs.... Which for many may...
  11. BentOver

    NJA TA in principal reached!!!

    The richest, or top 3, doesn't pay $hit... It's NJA that pays..not WB, not many say that WB can afford NJASAP's demands.. It has nothing to do with WB's deep pockets. It has everything to do with the fact that NJA pilots are already the highest paid FRACTIONAL pilots by a good amount...
  12. BentOver

    Pilots expected to picket Warren Buffett-owned NetJets

    I would exactly brag about the '05 contract... But because you were there prior to '05 I'm sure you were proud of it.. Trust me I heard about it a million times..and how I wasn't there for the "battle". It was the '05 contract that deterred me from applying for as long as I did.
  13. BentOver

    Pilots expected to picket Warren Buffett-owned NetJets

    Correction....somebody who works for WB is doing these things..... Buffet tells someone..." Get these pilots outta here." Some HR/low level manager brainstorms a few ideas. One thing to go after NJA management, to go after the #1-3 wealthiest people in the world may not be advantageous. He has...
  14. BentOver

    Pilots expected to picket Warren Buffett-owned NetJets

    Obviously....but for the last how many years has the quote always been " we're not an airline" typically for good reason... Unfortunately the tables have turned and the airlines are back on top... But it wouldn't take long for management to find Union rhetoric stating " we're not an...
  15. BentOver

    Pilots expected to picket Warren Buffett-owned NetJets

    Your biggest downfall will be all the years of NJA pilots saying " we're not an airline!" But now you all want to be directly compared to airline pilots.... If I were management I'd point this out
  16. BentOver

    Pilots expected to picket Warren Buffett-owned NetJets

    Trying to nearly double your pay is going to be a hurdle when it goes to "the man"
  17. BentOver

    Looking For a Change of Pace?

    Whatever happened with that Avantair company???? They were the best
  18. BentOver

    New airline pilots on the radio

    The pilots who care about someone else's radio calls, or zero/OH, or "checking in" are the ones who got beat up in high school or give pilots a bad name... Some days I make proper sounding radio calls, some days probably not.. Go Fvck yourself if ya catch me on a lazy day.. A-B as easily as...
  19. BentOver

    To My Friend G4Dude

    Gates and Zuckerburg....two geniuses who changed the course of history.....2 out of how many hundreds of millions of people in he US....( or the world for that matter) We've pretty much established YIP is no genius...
  20. BentOver

    Sure, Blow Off That College Degree

    My non-college educated friends are doing great out here in the islands... Hotels are always looking for bell men, servers, deck hands, and bar backs.. All in their mid-upper 30's....And all are envious of the career path I chose. Who knows how much college helps, but I'll take my chances with...