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  1. corp_da20_guy

    Scheduling Software

    CAMP Flight Scheduling is good and the support has been great!
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    Hawker 4000 Training

    Homewood Suites is one of the nicer properties there. Hotel is only a few years old and is my first choice of places to stay there.
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    Flying into DCA

    Anyway to get a company person approved as the armed "guard"?
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    Not sure where you got that info from. Used to have an Astra and now have a G150. The hotel in Nashville reopened for business last fall. The mall next to it is still closed. Seems like a class act. IS-BAO certified.
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    Hawker 800XP....snap rolled 3-4 times

    Isn't that the same aircraft that had been sitting in LIT?
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    General Mills

    Funny thing is a buddy of mine is an account manager and says that GM just let go of a bunch of them, including him.
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    Have you checked performance #s?

    That's interesting...didn't know there was a stick shaker in a King Air 200.
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    Bermuda Question for Hawker Vets

    Newport News (PHF - I think) used to have the best fuel prices when I used to go out there all the time. We started using ORF, but got poor service so we switched. As long as you have done your homework (wet footprint, etc) and come out of somewhere and have enough fuel to get there, shoot an...
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    XM Weather in the Hawker

    He have 2 800XPs with portable XM. First one, like DrProc mentioned, the antenna is placed in a small clear plastic basket stuck to the side windows. Reliable, yes and no! It requires moving it from one side of the aircraft to the other depending on the direction of travel (east and west). It...
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    SHA hiring in Morristown...again

    The 2000 they operate is only 91 the Hawkers and Falcon 50 does some 135.
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    Hawker 850xp info.

    With a manual you should be able to get caught up systems wise. But in terms of avionics...if you don't go to some sort of differences...then you will be way behind the curve. I've been flying an 800XP and getting a 900XP and recently did the differences between the Honeywell and the Collins. It...
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    Nashville, TN Operators

    Not sure of the current status of the pilots. The G550 is gone. Some management types were let go. The have retained the hangar and are supposedly using it as a maintenance base for their aircraft. What I haven't heard is if they are going to expect the BNA pilots to relocate to PVD. Things have...
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    owner placard name

    Registration certificate
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    Raytheon Aircraft got sold -- it's official

    Rac Anyone seen an official press release on this one yet?
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    Falcon 2000 Study/Gouge

    Try this link: Hope this helps some!
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    Blunt/Embarrassing question re: medicals

    I asked the same question once. Here's the answer..."So you don't cough in my face!" That was what an AME that was also an internist told me as a response. I found it very informative and funny at the same time.
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    FRG or HPN?

    Try Morristown (MMU). We too have stopped going to TEB mainly because of delays. The little bit of extra drive time more than makes up for all of the sitting time at the end of the runway at TEB. Marilyn(general manager) & Jennifer(Lead CSR) at Signature have always taken very good care of us...
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    Pet peeves from the ATC folks

    I did that once actually when I was talking on the flight phone. The other pilot had gotten up to use the facilities and the phone rang. Never fails...ATC called after I answered the phone. "N123XX decend and maintain FL370...". I responded..."Say again for N123XX...I was on the land line." The...
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    NZ 2000 Info

    And if you have ver 5.2 or better you can enter KUBIC//30/5000. From the scratchpad place it either on top of the waypoint (KUBIC in this case) for before the point and after KUBIC for beyond the point. The NZ2000 is probably one of the best boxes out you a lot of info if you...
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    2006 Taxes

    I have used it for the last probably 5-6 years. As others have said provided that they are not complicated (self employed, etc - good tax advisor can better tell you what you can and can't write off) just about any idiot can answer the questions, fill in the blanks and press "continue". ALmost...