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    NetJets Pilots Get TA

    Apology letter? NJI Union? You work at NetJets? All the guys I talk to there seem to like it. Imagine having to work to be paid, hope you have no aspirations of going to a 121 gig.
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    Travel Management

    Apparently my previous post was “offense” don’t worry, we know who you are and what your doing. If you don’t want to be a career TMC pilot, get out while you can.
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    The One Sky Truth

    I didn't realize that Flex Jet Red Label pilots made so much money :laugh:. I guess they will be on NetJets pay soon enough :beer:
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    The One Sky Truth

    The 604's & 605's have been parked, NetJets will upgrade 200+ FO's. The decertification is a Ricci dream, why, because he will gain a huge financial windfall if there is no scope clause to deal with, makes things easier. In fact if you go to Ricci's own company website, whose aircraft is on it...
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    Travel Management

    I heard from a friend in the Private Equity circles in San Fran that TPG will be replacing majority of management in Elkhart. Has anyone heard anything to similar?
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    NetJets TA, see for yourself

    Doesn't look that bad to me, but what do I know I am just Brown Freight trash.
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    Delta off the runway again

    Could they have an anti-skid failure on one side, or both?
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    Endeavor air thanks

    Depends, can it be redeemed anywhere, does have any value. If I can get a discount from Gold Star Chili, absolutely hook me up!
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    Chill out Delta!

    I fly Boxes, Life is Good, we don't have this animosity to deal with :-)
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    Endeavor air thanks

    Life is Good
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    Endeavor air thanks

    I fly Boxes
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    How's life at UPS?

    Yep, what he said, I 100% agree.
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    Why hire military over your competition?

    Having been on both sides of the fence, is goes something like this. All the military guys that have flown transport type aircraft are doing the exact same thing that is down on the civilian side...with a few exceptions. It's the same weather, arrivals, departures etc. Now once you venture into...
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    ATC chooses diversity over qualification

    I think that if you are turning a blind eye to the sudden diversification, and do not believe that it is tied to the current administration then you are sorely mistaken. This diversification is targeted at certain groups, and only certain groups. If you are not identified as the selected...
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    CRJ Freighter

    I hear that there will soon be a CRJ freighter available, anyone know of anyone getting them or looked at them? From what I read seems to be aimed at the scheduled service operators.
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    Royal Air Crash

    My fault, A-300
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    Crash at ASE...

    Ouch, that looked really, really bad. Any one notice the last video with all the snowing blowing down the ramp, the wrong way.
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    Royal Air Crash

    100-1/2 Based on your logic, then Atlas should have stopped ops after landing at the wrong airport, South West should have stopped ops after the LGA incident and their recent mishap. I can't think of any 135/121/ etc that shutdown after an accident. Did you know the pilot, did you know his...
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    Royal Air Crash

    I guess I am missing something about Royal? Looked like it was an out based Lear crew headed home.
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    Boeing Dreamlifter Static Display

    It was in fact an Atlas Crew, and the weather will be freezing drizzle soon. So it could be a very large ice sculpture.