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  1. ASADriver

    Former ALPA EVP arrested for child molestation.
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    ASA Neg shakeup?

    Rumor floating around that the ASA neg. chair was just fired. Anyone know why?
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    ASA MEC in crew lounge reports?

    Does anyone have any reports of what was said in the crew lounge yesterday by the ALPA people.
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    ASA training dept. rumor

    Rumor around the training department here is that we may operate under separate contracts because it is getting so ugly between the 2 ALPA groups. Can that even happen? I thought we had come together. What the heck is going on? If what I heard is true about what the Expressjet proposal was for...
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    ASA picketing

    Not very impressive showing considering 5 years of negotiating. Where was everyone?
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    ASA union meeting

    Kinda dissapointed that there weren't any fireworks at the meeting today. I was hoping to see Pennekamp and RJMan go at it.
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    ASA rumor

    There is a rumor floating around the airport that we will have more meetings in May. Why hasn't ALPA said anything yet?
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    Skywest 900 on it's way to ATL

    First Skywest 900 is enroute to ATL from DFW. It's scheduled to get in early. Ship 705 departs for Skywest tomorrow. Is ALPA doing anything about it? Departing City (Airport)Dallas/Fort Worth (Dallas/Ft Worth Intl)Departure GateE11 (DFW)CarrierDelta / Flight operated by SkyWest...
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    ASA picket in SGU

    ASA MEC officer admits only about 20 of the picketers in SGU were actually ASA pilots. The rest were ALPA people from the meeting in LAS. Here is his post from the ALPA board. Subject: rumor Author: WILL FARUZZI Date: 20 Oct 2006 11:20 AM >I heard a rumor that Duane >Woerth met with JA. Can...
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    90s diverted to Skywest

    900s diverted to Skywest Looks like the ASA MEC is now admitting that the 90 seaters were diverted to Skywest. This is a change in what they were saying. How many times have we heard that the 900s were never coming to ASA. Latest MEC email says the 90 seaters were diverted. The story keeps...
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    The Irrelevancy of ALPA

    Guest Editorial: The Irrelevancy of ALPA in the 21st Century by Captain Brian Wilson I have been an ALPA union member for ten years, having joined with an open mind. During that ten years, I have formed my own opinions, after carefully observing ALPA in action. I soon realized the need to...
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    ASA LEC meeting

    Anyone know why the ATL LEC meeting was cancelled and the election of a new captains rep? The rumor on the street was that there were two opposition groups forming. One is the instructors who aren't happy about possible cuts to their pay, and the other is a group that isn't happy with the...
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    SKYW management making plans?

    One of our ALPA guys posted this on the ALPA boards. Interesting stuff....
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    ASA picketing not going well?

    I received one of those automated ALPA phone calls trying to get me to sign up for picketing. The message said that only 15 pilots have signed up and since they knew I was off they would keep calling until they had 100 people signed up. It sounded kind of pathetic. Maybe the lack of interest...
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    ASA MEC letter

    Here is a letter from the ASA MEC Chairman to the ASA pilots. In it, the ASA MEC criticizes the CMR MEC for doing what it thinks is necessary. It looks like the ASA and CMR MECs are following ALPA's "brand scope" snake oil salesmen right off the cliff. I think my MEC is missing the big picture...