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    check ride failures and majors

    How many check ride failures do majors consider unacceptable? And are all failures considered the same, for example initial ratings and cfi vs 121. Any thoughts?
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    Dtw mem commute?

    Hi guys, I may have to do the dtw mem dtw commute soon and wanted any info on your experience from xj or 9e guys thanks
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    10 ex freedom 900's go to asa not mesaba

    vacancy award for 24 new 900 capts hv been canx because the 15 ex freedom 900s mesaba were expecting hv been cut to 5...the 10 are going to asa as part of a deal because asa are losing some 50 memo from xj .
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    looking for work in detroit area

    current type rated regional guy 5000 * hrs...anyone know of anything or any contacts?...done with airlines / commuting / evil management