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    Republic Airlines questions?

    Been here 12 years. Any questions on the interview process or what it's like here if you get the job? Let me know. Happy to help.
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    why is United so cheap?

    The other day on a quick turn, grabbed a banana from the basket onboard. The FA kindly mentioned how united only stocks 2 bananas a flight. I had thought enough were stocked to warrant grabbing one. There's half a dozen First class seats- why does UAL think that 2 pieces of fruit are enough...
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    Calling out UAL management practices

    an open letter to Jeff Smisek from Ralph Nader, posted 2/14/2015 on Jeff Smisek, CEO United Airlines, Inc. PO Box 06649 Chicago, IL 60606-0649 Dear Mr. Smisek, Two stories have come to public attention about your airline, which invites some serious introspection by you...
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    tap a talk app useability

    heard about tap a talk but trying to view posts from my phone, but after trying to click on posts, they don't come up-citing "security". I can't even find a way to log in to try to solve that. anyone know how to get the app working for this site? thanks
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    Usatoday Article: Is Spirit front office staff run by a bunch of 5th graders?

    Their marketing staff might be run like an unoriginal copy of ryanair, but now their PR dept looks childish too. What happened to flight crew being responsible for their own wings? But stuff happens, so when it does, playing the irrational blame game just makes you look like a bunch of...
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    buying a ticket but then trying to non-rev to get 1st class

    Hey all, so for the honeymoon, bought the tickets for us. On the return flight obviously it wouldn't matter, but for the flight going over, are there any consequences to non-rev to get 1st? Does it jeopardize your return flight, as the system might not show you getting there in the 1st place?
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    stay classy spirit.....

    Spirit ad makes punchline of Schwarzenegger-Shriver split By Ben Mutzabaugh, USA TODAY CAPTION Spirit Airlines Spirit Airlines, which has a long history of using off-color advertising and marketing, is rolling out a promotion to capitalize on the high-publicity break-up of Arnold...
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    Virgin America Groupon offer- this weeks' sign the apocalypse is upon us. But the trendy low-cost carrier is offering a much steeper discount for subscribers of the online discount site Groupon. In a move that may be a first for a U.S. airline, Virgin America is offering $77 worth of airfare for just $7 at Groupon. The...
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    Age-65 legislator ironically on the street as well

    In feel good news, Oberstar got voted out tuesday joining all the pilots age 65 f-ed with in the unemployment line. Maybee there's an opening at ALPA. Maybee all the 63 yr olds enjoying the -"sink or swim, and I could care less if you can't swim"- good life can put off buying the new 7-series...
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    Which hat for big-headed short fellas?

    Lost my hat today and kinda glad b/c being rather short with a large noggin, it looked ridiculous. Anyone know which hat company has a style with a lower and less wide profile? Not a big fan of ever even wearing it when I had it (part of the reason I lost it), but want to have it handy in case...
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    V.America- u know your pay rates are worse than Spirits, right?

    I'm just saying.... Shoot, even Airtran and Allegiant are better.
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    another SWA commercial during sports programs..... to see over and over and over

    not just during NFL games- they now staked out their spot during the tournament on CBS. Off the next 4 days and I bet while watching tv on and off for 40 hours I will see it shown 60 times. i give it a 5 out of 10. minus 3 pts b/c its extremely overplayed minus 1 pt b/c the actors always...
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    National Seniority ist article

    'Is seniority killing the airline industry?' That's the question asked by BusinessWeek Traveler's Check columnist Justin Bachman. He writes that "for...
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    Fedex jumpseat online sked's

    Couldn't find anything 'bout this on search. My bookmarked link for Fedex's schedule to look up flghts 4 jumpseats has stopped working. It doesn't help that I ain't ALPA so I can't sign in from that bad link's main page. Any updates on a way for anyone to get to that page? thanks.
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    Jetblue circus revisited- 1st stuck in the lav, now the cargo hold

    from what I know, if this minimum-wage joker had done this in the rear cargo hold and it was a long flight, he would have died. ............................ JetBlue worker nods off, flies to Boston in cargo hold -
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    Window seat Hawaii interisland

    Quite the dorky question, I know, but still- I'd rather sit on the side of the plane that has the cool view. HNL, OGG (maui) and LIH (kuai): for these 3 airports anyone know the preferred/normal takeoff runway for hawaiin airlines planes? thx
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    How much are your health premiums increasing in 2009?

    23% increase next year.....over $150 a paycheck. Bull ********************. Anyone else know their increase?
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    SWA Job fair?

    Anyone know anything about it? Heard there was one tomorrow the 12th, but don't know where, for what positions, and if it even exists. Any info?
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    SWA and the FAA, continued

    Guess it went well beyond free pizza. Interesting quote at the end. From Usatoday's "today in the sky" forum: Southwest gave free training to FAA manager That's the headline from a story today in USA TODAY, which writes: "The manager of the federal office that oversees Southwest Airlines...
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    Finally- making light of age 65

    Sitting at home watching the tournament this afternoon, saw the newest Bud Light commercial, another installment of the "dude" series. It follows a guy on a business trip. One of the scenes is the guy stepping on a plane and there's some "near-death"-looking captain. He walks past, nervous as...