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  1. pilotyip

    EAL back in business

    south Florida, they should find a few
  2. pilotyip

    ImagineAir Expansion ?

    There is no problem here that cannot be fixed with money and addressing QOL issues.
  3. pilotyip

    Corporate Pilot Shortage ?

    The pilot shortage continues to grow, and the college degree becomes less and less important in the hiring decisions. I see every one except DAL has moved it to the preferred option. But even DAL is taking pilots without degree with their flown through programs
  4. pilotyip

    P-3 Water injection

    One of the beauties of being based near the ocean.
  5. pilotyip

    $100,000 first year pay

    Yes for the DC-9. We have a DPE on staff, and dry lease Airborne Sims down in Wilmington, OH. All instruction done by company instructor pilots.
  6. pilotyip

    P-3 Water injection

    Coming out of Sangley Point for an alert launch to cover Yankee Station, 1969, P-3A BuNo 151363, T-56-10W's, Actual TOW round 132,000, this is on an airframe with a published MGTOW of 127,500. Wing stores you know, paraflares on four stations, full fuel, “C” ASW load just in case we found a sub...
  7. pilotyip

    $100,000 first year pay

    We are offering $100,000 first year pay to those who meet the 121 PIC requirements of 121.436.
  8. pilotyip

    Drug Testing

    good for them
  9. pilotyip

    FAR 135 CHECK AIRMAN Question.

    depends upon management. They are most likly an At Will employer and can terminate for any reason. True you cannot be forced to be a ck airman, but management can also fire you because you pissed them off by not taking the position
  10. pilotyip

    FAR 135 CHECK AIRMAN Question.

    You cannot be forced to be a ck airman, it is a voluntary position. You can be fired if you don't take the position, your company can be shut down by the FAA if you don't have enough ck airman. As far as checking in the airplane, I did it in the DA-20 for 14 years. You manage the risk and...
  11. pilotyip

    65-year-old lawsuit

    saw a guy in Pro Pilot said he was still flying corp jets at 85
  12. pilotyip

    Landing mins

    maybe RVR for that runway was 4000, that make the approach legal. RVR overrides tower vis.
  13. pilotyip

    World class pilots

    How come if it is so bad, pilots are not leaving for other jobs?
  14. pilotyip

    Growing Pilot Shortage

    yea the old joke. If you were over 30 to get an interview at a major in 1977 you needed two logged lunar landings 🙄
  15. pilotyip

    Growing Pilot Shortage

    So you are a Zantop Alumn? Me too, when and what equip, I drove the L-188. Have you read Peter Fusco's Book "Moondog's Academy of the Air and Other Disasters" He is an ex-Zantop guy who tells stories similar to yours. A good read.
  16. pilotyip

    Growing Pilot Shortage

    Tell us more, we need those great stories
  17. pilotyip

    Student Solo at YIP and FAA man shows up

    Great story, there has to be more of these out there.
  18. pilotyip

    Growing Pilot Shortage

    Wow maybe there is still life at FI, a whole thread on an aviation topic.
  19. pilotyip

    Student Solo at YIP and FAA man shows up

    Solo at KYIP 5-8-1965. Instructor "Firecan" Haddock, tells the tower he is going to turn this student loose on RW 14. He gets out and just stands in the grass at the side of RW 14. KYIP was a busy airline airport at that time. The airliners were using 23L, so I was working an opposite pattern...
  20. pilotyip

    ABX Goes on Strike

    They are all hauling DHL air cargo, so all of the contracted airlines, well almost have elected to not cross the line. Preventing DHL from shifting from air carrier to another.