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    This web site has long ago lost it's usefulness, no posts, no discussion, no reply's when asked.. Good bye....
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    Swa ta

    Congrats to my friends at SWA on approving the new TA today.... I know your glad to get that behind you...
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    Slow down Southwest! --United off runway at IAH

    Figures, From Vegas where they all overeat, lol
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    FAA worried about somatogravic illusion

    Sorry, I did not recognize the term, so here is a link to it.. thanks for posting
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    Germanwings Crash. Why No Fires present ??

    Not speculating now are we... the CVR doesn't lie.... SOB, this will start a whole new wave of knee jerk regulations like mental evaluations, family and financial situations, like a DOD clearances.. get ready.. RIP to those families that place their trust the pilot community
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    Germanwings Crash. Why No Fires present ??

    Yea, now that there are more pictures from the site with a wider view, its obvious that all the grey area was post flight fire damage to the mountain side... the next question is do the euro airlines require an F/A to enter the flight deck when a pilot come out? it seems at this time that only...
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    Germanwings Crash. Why No Fires present ??

    Not speculating, just discussing what has been video evidence. The Vids were not wide out enough to see the surrounding color differences in the terrain. But it seems your right, the fires quickly burned out what local vegetation was there. It's just amazing and terrifying and how small and...
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    Germanwings Crash. Why No Fires present ??

    First my respects to the families and crew. Terrible. now that we have seen videos only a few hours old after the crash, I am left wondering where are the fires? Smoke? anything burning? Did they run out of fuel?, seems with no fires, there was no fuel in the tanks. Just throwing that out...
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    RIP AirTran. Nostalgia thread

    Back in the early days of the new 717's, they always gave me a ride to work and back, never bumped. Old Captains rolling the seat back to read his Paper, the FO and I busy looking for RA's. New ATL hangar with such Pride. Crew Schedulers that always tried to be the best and helpful without...
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    Listing for FAA Examiners?

    Just trying to find out if there is a quick reference web site to locate the west coast FAA dispatch examiners? Any help with a link would be appreciated, I'm not turning up much running out of time. thanks in advance
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    FAA NPRM for dispatcher certifications

    Just read this today.. Seeking to standardize dispatch school certification requirements starting 60 day comment period. What do you think? with all the back and forth on who when to the best...
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    G4 crash at BED

    Just wondering, the NTSB said they removed the FDR and CVR.. I was not aware that a GIV had those installed.. very curious accident, esp with a very experienced crew that has been together for 10 years.. RIP
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    Edwards AFB

    Get to the "5" Freeway north.. head towards Sacramento getting near the mountains, get in right hand lanes ready to bear right on the "14" freeway to Palmdale / Lancaster.. go about 45 miles and you will be in Palmdale.. stay on the 14 north towards Rosamond Ca.. about 20 miles.. the exit to the...
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    Where to find "best" on-line Recurrent Training

    I'm just looking for a good online one stop source for ADX recurrent training related to Parts 135 and 121. Hold the Tix but have not used it in some time. I have the current FC and AIM.. Been flying drones for a long time, getting reassigned and moved back to the daylight and passengers, oh...
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    Delta Plane Loses Wing Panel During Flight

    I just want to know where that panel is....who's house or car it hit.. maybe this Is tied to MH370 somehow!... come on here.. crap happens no pilot is inspecting the upper wing surface.
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    Malaysian 777 enroute to Beijing missing!

    Got my triangle hat on too!
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    Defense Secretary set to annouce two airframes to be cut

    Drones / UAV' are not designed nor can they do the same mission of the U2.. that's about all I say about that.... bad move keep the U2
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    Malaysian 777 enroute to Beijing missing!

    Yea, I'm in the camp of " this was done with intent of harm". If it's a terrorist plot, they will be very happy to claim it was them when they are ready.. The world need to find this aircraft for the very reasons already expressed here, the unthinkable is now possible! There is no wreckage...
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    USAirways off the runway at PHL

    Yikes is right, more reports that the plane actually was airborne then slammed back down, glad all is well with pax, but this story will get interesting real quick.... hope this was a V1 abort only..
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    Malaysian 777 enroute to Beijing missing!

    I don't know how good the radar coverage is in that part of the world, but here is a thought.. How far could a fully fueled 777 fly if it had literally descended to nap of the earth / Ocean altitude? and assuming this high fuel burn, could it reach a terrorist haven supporting Iran etc...