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    Vacation Bidding, How Do You Do It?

    If you have a large department (say more than 10 pilots) I would like your feedback on how you award vacation. Our corporate policy states that if two people want the same dates that DOH seniority rules. That is it, no other guidance is provided. I have to develop a new policy that is more...
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    ASA For A Newhire

    I am trying to get some info on what life will be like at ASA for a newhire for a friend who is interviewing there. I worked at ASA a long time ago, I read all of the ASA threads, it looks like things have changed a lot there since I left so this is why I am asking. Please spare me the drama...
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    Regulated Garbage, What Do You Do With It?

    We only have 9 to 12 flights per year that require us to deal with regulated garbage when we arrive in the US. We currently have a regulated garbage program where we use an outside vendor to dispose of our garbage. The CBP is now requiring a compliance agreement and a SOP based on their new...
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    Best Buy Flight Department

    Does anyone have some contact info for Best Buy's flight department? I assume they are in the MSP area? I think they have 4 aircraft and some type of lease back arrangement with the company founder. We are interested in benchmarking with them if anyone has some info.
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    Flight Tech

    Do any of you international operators carry a flight tech? If so, where would you usually need one? Africa? South America? Do you carry both a Flight Tech and an FA? Do any of you who frequently operate in South America see the need for a Flight Tech there? Thanks,
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    I am writing the C-FOQA section of our FOM. I have looked around the internet but have not been able to find any examples to review for ideas. If anyone here has a C-FOQA program and would not mind letting me read your verbage, I will really appreciate it. I am not looking to steal your...
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    FOQA Programs

    Do any of you run a FOQA program? If so, I will be interested to know some of the following: Who manages your data? Do you do it in house or use a 3d party vendor? How often do you download the data from the aircraft? How do you use the data? Do you remove the information that could ID...
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    Cockpit Napping Policy

    I am doing a bit of research. Do any of you have a written policy concerning crewmembers sleeping on the flight deck? If so, can you share it with me? Thanks,
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    EU ETS Compliance

    I have the project to comply with the new aviation emissions trading scheme in the EU. We are going to modify PFM software to make the calculation and created the required reports. I am wondering how other departments are planning to comply? Is your company going to participate in the...
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    How Does Your Department Assign Trip PIC's?

    At our flight department we have three levels of pilot; Co-pilot, Captain and Senior Captain (you automatically become a Senior Captain after being a Captain for 8 years). In the past, the scheduler would randomly assign the trip pic (when two Captains were flying together) so that by years...
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    Green Flight Department?

    I am sure this will not be popular here, but my Department is going green. I have been assigned the project to make sure we are doing everything we can to be as green as possible. Is anyone else doing this? If so, what are you doing? We already recycle paper, cans and bottles. That is...
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    Don't Mess With Jet Blue Pilots

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    AirTran to Furlough 169 Pilots

    AirTran lays off 169 pilots Most of airline’s job cuts will be in Atlanta By KELLY YAMANOUCHI The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Friday, August 22, 2008 AirTran Airways said it notified 169 pilots this week that they will be furloughed as the airline shrinks its flight schedule and cuts costs. [...
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    Kimberly-Clark at PDK

    I see that they are looking for a Reserve Captain for a Challenger at PDK. Anybody know anything about this job?
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    Ford v. ALPA?

    So I left ASA over 4 years ago. I was not involved in the RJ Defense law suite. I just got a letter from the RJ Defense lawyers saying that I am going to get some money from this thing. What is this all about?
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    Captain Position Available
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    Delta, Hire Some Minorities

    Civil rights coalition: Delta needs to boost diversity By RUSSELL GRANTHAM The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 05/15/08 Black employees have lost ground at Delta Air Lines in recent years, said a coalition of civil rights organizations that urged the Atlanta airline to improve its...
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    Any Chrysler Pilots Here?

    If so, enjoy your new CEO. Your QOL just took a turn for the worse. The good news is your job security will be great, he loves airplanes.
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    FAA Covers Up Controler Mistakes

    FAA Accused Of Hiding Controllers' Mistakes By Del Quentin Wilber Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, July 14, 2007; D01 Two Federal Aviation Administration employees have accused the agency of "covering up" serious incidents in which planes got too close to each other in the Dallas area...
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    Home Depot, Again.......

    I really hate to post this after the thrashing I got last time, but I believe that Home Depot will be posting a Co-pilot position sometime next week. The position will be in Atlanta, GA on the DA-50EX aircraft. Check the HD website under careers for details such as education, experience...