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    Is Flica Ipad friendly?

    So, I got my first Apple product last night and before I throw it through the window, I thought I'd ask around. How do you, or can you, bid with the Ipad. Mine is getting locked up when you open new windows (or whatever apple calls them). I tried Safari and Chrome. Is it a Flightline issue...
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    Question for the ASA contract guru's

    I had a trip at the end of this month that carried over 3 days into May. Scheduling just wiped it all out and I now do DH only on May 1. Is this pay protected? What section of contract covers this. For the life of me, I can't find it. Thanx
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    ASA to Commit Schedule Suicide for June

    Anyone gander at their June schedule on SkedPlus+? In case you haven't, I'll let you in one a little tidbit... Apperantly, crew planning got some idea that our F/A's need to be on a different planet. Just about every time I come through ATL next month, I swap F/A's. Some trips I have them for...
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    ASA Outsourcing

    Anyone else see all this flights cancelled from ASA and then reassigned a 9xxx number and flown by another carrier. Now I'm fully aware that it's all Delta flying, but when its assigned to us and its on our schedule, I considerr that OURS. Does not our section 1 scope prevent this. If we let...
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    Comair F/A cuts deeper than press release

    Here is the press release: The airline, which filed for bankruptcy protection in September last year along with Delta, plans to impose cuts on the roughly 1,000 flight attendants beginning Nov. 15, reducing average pay by 7.5 percent to realize $7.9 million in savings. Ok, my take on the...
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    Timeline for all this ASA/Skywest ALPA stuff?

    I was curious as to when all this stuff is going to happen. When are ALPA cards counted for the Skywest pilots? Assuming they collect enough cards, when will a union vote occur? When is the election for a new ASA MEC?
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    Lets review the history of merging lists

    I'd like to have a discussion with those that have accomplished a merger of their lists to stop whipsaw pressures. The airlines that come to mind are Eagle, Mesa/Freedom, and Republic/Shuttle/Chautauqua. I'm sure there are others. What was life like before your one list? What were...
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    Dual Qualified

    Lets start a reasonable discussion on the merits of being dual qualified in the CR2/CR7 and now CR9. First off, for the record, I'm opposed to dual qualification and even more opposed to one-rate. But, for the sake of argument, if something had to give, I'd choose to be dual qualified over...
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    ASA Crew Planning at it's Finest!

    This is not a modified pairing. I truly hope that this is a carryover of "Willie Stupidity". I thought rooms were still scarce in BTR. No wonder we need to take concessions. We obviously need to subsidize the incompetence. DYDHCFLTNODPS-ARSDEPLARRLBLKTGRNTEQP TBLKTDHDTCRDTPAYTDUTYLAYOVER TH...
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    Indy air flying for Skywest?

    I've seen an Indy Air painted CRJ-200 in SLC last week and again this weekend in DFW on the Delta ramp. All of the Indy logos were covered, but the blue dots over the windows as well as NxxxBR registration numbers were dead givaways. Anyone have an idea of what is going on?
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    Skywest jumpseat question

    I was wondering if any progress has been made to allow cockpit j/s to DAL system pilots (like yours truly) on the United side of the operation? I know our names are in the computer so our employment can be verified, a gate agent in SAN showed me once. Is this allowed yet? We can carry Skywest...
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    Passport requirement in Training

    This may have been beat to death already, but do other airlines require that you have your passport on their person for all training including recurrent? I understand the Dept of Justice requirement that came out after 9/11 that required US citizenship for all training in anything over 12,500...