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    Status of NJA's first Challenger 350

    Anybody know its status?? Being completed, Completed, flight-testing, ready for delivery or other?
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    Delays at Teterhole, now the norm

    I go to flightaware a lot ( too see where friends are, etc). I see delays into TEB on a regular basis, actually last week Teterhole had 20-30 mn delays 4 or 5 days... Why do private jet travelers prefer that $**thole over HPN, MMU, and FRG? If you land at TEB, it can take 2 hours (during...
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    endurance of a Global 6000?

    This QS Global 6000 did Singapore-Kona in 13 hrs 20 mns. Did they have to pull it back in order to accomplish the mission & land with legal reserves or can a flight this long be done at normal LRC?? What's the range...
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    Leaves of absence from NJA...

    Hey fellows, quick question. Does Netjets still grant/approve leaves of absence??? Is this a valid reason to take time off: The wife is about to start working on her MBA degree and she is required to do a year abroad. We're thinking about Singapore and I'd like to go over and hang out for...
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    What exactly is- International Jet Traders???

    what do they do?? I looked at their website, but still a bit unclear....
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    what's the latest on NetJets China?

    I've been hearing China is a gold mine, but the Chinesse are very difficult to deal with. Anybody's got the latest and greatest??
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    Status of the Falcon 2000 fleet @ NJ

    NJ Europe ordered 30 Falcon 2000LX earlier this year . what about us???? once we had 25 2000EXs on order, we have 5 right now. Can someone fill me in, what happened to that 25 aircraft order?? are we expecting and/or getting any LXs???? thanx in advance
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    Majors vs Fractionals, where would you go?

    I got a friend, he's got interviews at Northwest and NetJets(where I work). He says NJ sounds like the better deal, but isn't sure if corporate flying is for him. He doesn't know which way to go if both interviews go well. your opinion