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    Non rev on Hawaiian

    Don't mean to detract from the SWA/AT debate, but I need some info. I'm wanting to get the he!! out of town sometime in January and take the family to HNL. Any idea what the loads on Hawaiian are like in Jan? We live in PDX, but can easily get to SMF, OAK, LAX, SFO, SEA, etc. Any help or...

    Is this guy for real?

    This is the funniest/most retarded thing I have ever seen... Nice stache, though...

    Mark Twombly calls professional pilots "whiners."

    In response to his article concerning the age 60 issue many of us emailed Mr. Twombly and voiced our outrage at his biased and uninformed story. Has anyone else received a reply? Here is the email he sent me: Not sure how the legislation can be called a pyramid scheme. If makes sense on the...

    Looking for the December 1992 issue of "FLYING"

    If anyone has this issue, would you like to sell it? It has Ernest K Gann on the cover. PM me if you have it.

    Another good aviation book to check out

    Hi gang - After exhausting my Ernie Gann collection for the third or fourth time I stumbled on to another interesting read. The book is called "Fix On the Rising Sun" and has to do with the disappearance of Pan Am's Hawaii Clipper in the late 1930's. Officially the Martin M-130 is simply...

    Looking for a back issue of FLYING magazine

    I'm looking for the issue of FLYING that was a tribute to Ernest K. Gann. I believe it was either the January or September 1992 issue. The picture that I have as my avtar is on the cover. PM me if you have it, I'll buy it off ya!

    Northwest gets fighter escort

    Why do I think things are going to get worse before they get better...

    Looking for an Alaska Pilot

    Trying to reconnect with Dana Rice. He's B737 FO based in (I think) LA. Anyone know him?

    Upgrade at Horizon

    Hey, I worked for QX years ago. I'm curious, what's the upgrade time like now-a-days?

    Logging time on long-haul flights

    I'm new to the long-haul flying game, and was curious how to go about logging time. We often have 3 crew members on the MD11 with one acting as an reserve pilot. As far as the airlines are concerned, who gets to log what?

    AOPA Magazine

    What's with Chip Wright in the AOPA Pilot magazine? Every time he writes an article he has to refer to himself as "an airline captain". Dude, you fly an RJ to Cincinnati, not a 747 to London! (No offense meant to any and all RJ drivers.) Ease up on the "airline captain" stuff, no body is...

    Headsets in jets

    Hi all, I'm stepping up from a turbo-prop to long haul air cargo (Gemini MD11). I was wondering what you guys use for headsets. I'm assuming that my Dave Clark will be overkill! I found a thread that mentioned some other things to carry, but I didn't find anything about headsets. ANY info...

    Security Profiling

    HISTORY TEST Please pause a moment, reflect back, and take the following multiple choice test. The events are actual events from history. They actually happened. Do you remember? 1. 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by a. Superman b. Jay Leno c. Harry Potter d. a Muslim male...

    Anyone know 'sup at Frontier?

    A buddy of mine who knows a guy whose has a brother who knows a guy who jumpseated on Frontier....anyway, I heard that those of us who had an interview cancelled last year might get our chance in Jan '06. Anyone hear anything else?

    Casino express

    I know this probably isn't the right forum, but here it goes. Anybody know anything about Casino Express? Pay rates, commuting, upgrade time, anything. Thanx.

    FEDEX treatment of feeder guys

    Maybe some of you MAC folks can shed some light here. Do you feel like a lot of the FEDEX pilots treat us (Empire/MAC) like second class citizens? I was just down at AFW (big FEDEX base), and was dissed at every turn by these guys. I'm not asking for them to be my best buddies, but a little...

    Fist year pay at a Frac

    Just curious what the first year $$ is at NJA?

    Ryan International?

    Lookin' for info/opinions/factoids/trivia/friend of a friend info, whatever you got!

    Pilot life at USA Jet

    Just curious what some of you have to say about your lifestyle at USA Jet. From what I've it looks pretty intense, but the pay seems to be descent. Is it a place a guy could hang his hat for the long haul? When you get some seniority will it give you a descent family life? Is it stable, or is it...

    Does PIC turbo-prop mean anything anymore?

    With all the regionals expanding their RJ fleets, and only two companies even making turbo-props anymore (Bombardier and ATR), I was just wondering what people's opinions are on the marketable future of turbo-prop captains? I know none of the airlines that are hiring right now are exactly...