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  1. Birdstrike

    Jetblue application window is open

    $800+ a seat from DCA to PNS yesterday for a 1 APR flight. Somebody's making money somewhere.
  2. Birdstrike

    Jb is a cult

    Great, so when your head hurts and you just want to microwave your cold burrito in your boxers and get some rack, you have to get decent and "collaborate" first. Only HR depts think this way.
  3. Birdstrike

    Air Force to UAL New Hire

    Couldn't possibly be your personality had anything to do with it, would it? Nah, 'bet you're just as peachy at interview as you are on FI. Still waiting?
  4. Birdstrike

    GEN Mattis: Military Should Rely Less On Technology May 13, 2010 Mattis: Military Should Rely Less On Technology By Christopher P. Cavas, Staff writer VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The military relies too much on technology, and soldiers need to practice more “with the radios turned off,” a key general said. “We must be able to...
  5. Birdstrike

    Just got "the call" from the FAA...even more hiring expected

    And a lot more security than part 121 or 135 to boot. Congratulations.
  6. Birdstrike

    Pentagon to triple the number of drones

    True, but at considerably more risk and cost than unmanned platforms, and that's what's driving the paradigm shift in the five-sided building. And at the rate of technological progression, you're still going to be virtually in that cockpit in every respect, except for pulling those Gs that would...
  7. Birdstrike

    Pentagon to triple the number of drones

    Geez, I see Rez has spewed his sack over here now. He or she's been owned too many times on the Non-Av board and now he appears to like hanging out with the title 10 guys. One thing you'll find is that you'll waste your time trying to correct Rez's pacifest views. Rez has been outed as an avowed...
  8. Birdstrike

    DHL ruined lives

    All anyone is owed is money for the hours worked. That it.
  9. Birdstrike

    Flying Blind: Deregulation reconsidered

    Sure I do. And so does the public. But tha's not the issue. The exploitable issue has been the guy drooling to do your job for half the pay. And the next guy that will do it for half of that. Qualified guys too. That's the rub; after that disillusionment, we eat our young, pull up the ladder...
  10. Birdstrike

    WSK on Pilot Banter, Training Records, & Crew Rest / Commuting

    This was all over the news this AM. Even Joe Scarborough on MSPMS was swept up in the building "outrage" and proclaiming that he wouldnt alllow his family on a regional carrier until the FAA "speaks to this." Will somebody please remind Joe that his chances of being killed driving home on the...
  11. Birdstrike

    Gates Plan Moves C-27Js From ARNG to USAF First cuts in FCS and now potentially losing another theater avn proponency fight. Army appears to be resuming its traditional position in OSD: behind the USAF. Proposed cut from 78 to 38...
  12. Birdstrike

    United Settles "Cockpit Porn" Case

    So why settle out of court? Would a normal jury of her peers necessarily rule in her favor? I think not. Minimally, make her prove her case. I don't understand this strategy to fold like a house of cards and pay through the nose. Better to go down fighting for what you actually believe in than...
  13. Birdstrike

    Military Pilots Advice for their sons/daughter

    True. But if job security is a major concern, and it was for me, I'd still advise leaning military. My airline friends & neighbors in/around PTC, GA, (Eastern, TWA, Delta) have gone through furlough hell with severe tolls on their families. The Guard/Reserve route offers a lot of the best of...
  14. Birdstrike

    Goodbye F-22 program. We hardly new ye.

    There's still, what, 187 in the inventory when all is said and done? I think we'll still be knowing ye for quite a while.
  15. Birdstrike

    Goodbye F-22 program. We hardly new ye.

    Yip, if somebody told me that quote was from you, I'd have never believed it. There's no threat...until there is. Will we be ready? ???
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    Military Pilots Advice for their sons/daughter

    I'll offer a brief comment ref military considerations. Insure he understands, Check, that his military service will continue for as long as he's obligated, whether he flies or not. That's not necessarily a disadvantage; should he lose his medical, the military will continue to offer him a...
  17. Birdstrike

    An Example To Follow

    For those who may have missed it...a great piece this week by Peggy Noonan ref the Miramar F/A-18 investigation results.
  18. Birdstrike

    Airline Pay cuts driving away best pilots

    It's funy how some things never change. The exact same sentiments of above appeared on the old defunct's early message boards back in '95 or '96. It will probably still be posted in 2021. In WWII he was called Jody and he's always with us - those guys who are more than willing...
  19. Birdstrike

    Airline Pay cuts driving away best pilots

    Pilot's aren't the only professionals with devalued "skill sets" suffering from untenable compensation, miserable pensions, and parents hoping their kids won't follow their paths into a once-noble profession. My wife is a public school teacher. She doesn't even get the great view. And she...
  20. Birdstrike


    Still, it's gotta be better than going into UPT cold, no?