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  1. Master Shake

    Hey XJET guys...

    WTF was up with the email today from SH??? I about threw up when I read that "he" will help junior CRJ guys get in interview at SkyWest, as they will be hiring 15 a month indefinitely. If this doesn't convince you that we all need to be on one list then I just don't know what will. Our parent...
  2. Master Shake

    Question for Mesa guys re. the CRJ-900

    There is a CRJ-900 running between PHX-IAH that always seems to be full. I have resisted the temptation to jumpseat thus far because I am not sure if you guys have weight restrictions on that. So my question is, are you guys typicially able to take a full boat plus a jumpseater?
  3. Master Shake

    A tribute to the General

    As most of you know, the General has quite a presence here. While I typically stay out of any of the "us vs. GL" stuff, I had to post this. I could care less what he says and don't have any ill will towards him. But, somebody else does. So much so that they created a website dedicated to...
  4. Master Shake

    Hey Bedford, pick a color...any color

    I love how the Bedford Bandwagon has set up shop in IAH but seems to have forgotten who they're flying for. US Airways...nope, United...nope, & of course the completely un-assuming CRJs. C'mon Bry, throw another color in the mix. Holy crap at least Mesa can put the right colors on the right...
  5. Master Shake

    What happened to all the AirTablowma threads?

    I miss Tahomos and the pirate guy! Where are all you ex-AT guys. The place still sucks so it's not like there's any shortage of crap to toss around. I'm not there anymore, but I hear P.R. is still around. Anyone remember that know-it-all S.O.B.? Let's stir the pot again...shall we?
  6. Master Shake

    He's back...and better than ever! Say what you want about this young lad. I keep coming back for the pictures. Maybe it's all a front, but he strikes me as the kind of guy that pulls boy-band amounts of a$$.
  7. Master Shake

    Embraer Headset

    I've run a thread search for headsets but I didn't see what I was looking for. So I am here to ask present and former ERJ pilots what they used for headsets. I've been using my own old school DC's and the time has come to downsize. What I want is something like this...
  8. Master Shake

    US Airways management...WTF?

    US Airways unions slam exec bonus plan By Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY US Airways' unions on Tuesday will urge a bankruptcy judge to reject a proposed employee retention plan they say would unfairly enrich top executives. The USA's No. 7 carrier has asked the bankruptcy court in Alexandria...
  9. Master Shake

    Colgan...cut out of IAH???

    I just heard that Ma CAL has pulled the teat from Colgan. Anyone else hear about that?